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Thor’s Poster Get’s LEGO-ized for that Sweet Sweet Cross Promotion


Over the next two months Marvel has both a movie and a LEGO game being released.  Obviously at some point there were going to find a way to sell em both to you at the same time.  And that time is now.  Thus, this poster, reminding you simultaneously that “Oh, boy, there’s a new Thor movie coming!” And “Oh boy, there’s a LEGO Marvel game coming!”  Well played, guys.  That’s some Jack Donaghy level cross promotion.  Well done indeed.

Plants and Zombies Gets Risk-ified


Sort of.  Of the three different ways to play this game, only one is really Risk.  And that’s a weird, two player variant of the game, which, Risk has always been kind of a terrible game, but two players is just the worst.  Weird decision. The other options are some sort of tabletop version of the classic Plants vs Zombies game, which could be fun, maybe, and something called “Mission Objective” which sounds less like it’s own game and more like just Risk again, except with those rules to make it not take an entire evening.   Which, improvement, certainly, bit it’s not really fair to claim “Three Ways to Play” when two of them are pretty much the same way.

The games available at the Plants and Zombies online store, and by “Available” I, of course, mean totally sold out, but you can add it to your wishlist and they’ll tell your when it’s available again.

Pandemic for iOS: Finally Removing the Cooperation from the Cooperative Game

Cooperative games are kind of dumb, right?   They’re stupid difficult.  But not, like, fun difficult.  “The way the deck was shuffled an hour ago means it’s impossible to win now” difficult.  That’s not a lot of fun. 

But more than that the “Cooperative” element just drags everything down.  Every move is discussed forever.  It’s not four players each playing one character.  Each character has to get input from every player.  It ends up being more like one four headed player just plays each character in order.

So the iOS version of Pandemic resolves that issue.  Removing the whole “multiplayer” aspect of the game, you’ll be free to make all the moves, with out any of that pesky cooperation getting in the way.  You’ll be able to save the world the way you want, without having to ask anyone else for input.  Cause screw them, right?

No, Pandora, You Can Not Have My Pennies


Bad enough that you took away the only access our planet had to our vital floaty rock supply, which I’m sure was entirely vital to us somehow.  But now you’re trying to take my pennies, with this new Avatar slot machine?  I’ll have none of it! 

I already fell for this shit with Star Wars!  I’m never playing another licensed machine again. It’s all that cheap looking goldfish machine near the doors.  That’s the only one that’s got a chance to pay out. 

Zero Charisma Trailer – “That One Guy” from Your D&D Game Finally Loses It

You know that guy.  He’s taking this whole thing way too seriously.  You’re an elf, and you’re fighting a dragon.  It’s supposed to be fun.  But he’s gotta make it all kinds of insane.  So here’s a movie for that guy.

That guy is running a game of D&D, and he makes the unfortunate decision to invite a new school “cool” nerd into the game.  Now the wheels are coming off the thing, and they’re in a battle for the soul of the group.  Or, more accurately, That Guy is in a battle for the soul of the group, and the new cool guy is just a bit confused.  Which, right there with him, it is all a bit confusing.  But at least it’s nerds being nerds, and not just a couple of guys who are “hilariously nerdy” because they can’t finish a sentence without finding a way to fit a reference to Star Trek in there.  May make us look bad, but at least it’s honestly bad, and not Big Bang Theory bad.

Lords of Waterdeep on Tabletop Is Glorious

It helps when you have Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day playing it, but this playthrough really makes me want the game. Great concept, cool gameplay, rich backstory. What more could you want from a game that’s based on Dungeons & Dragons. Lords of Waterdeep is definitely going on my wishlist. I hope Amazon gets it for me for Annual Winter Gift-Giving Holiday.

Look, It’s a Firefly Game!


The Firefly board game that we were promised back when that weird company no one had ever heard of bought the rights to the series has finally emerged, showing up this weekend at Gen Con.  Nerd Approved has a bunch of pictures and a vague description, about how you will each run around the solar system on your own ships, attempting to complete various missions so that you can complete the main mission before anyone else.   Sounds potentially fun, I guess.  But it doesn’t matter, really.  It’s Firefly, I’m gonna buy it, whatever it’s about.

The game is available for pre-order over at Amazon right now, for those of us unlucky not to be at Gen Con to get a prerelease version.  Stupid gaming conventions, why are you so far away from me?

Wil Wheaton and Tabletop Win an Award for Gaming

Wil Wheaton has been doing Tabletop for a while now. It has helped me remember how great board games are, mostly because you have other people around. Tabletop has done so much for the gaming community that it has won an award I’ve never heard of, Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming. This broad sounding name and actually awardy-ness really encapsulates that Tabletop is really about the games. So to celebrate, here’s the episode from last week I should have posted where they play X-Wing.

Do Not Play Dungeons and Dragons Alone With Your Phone

This was a disaster waiting to happen. Why does this guy have no friends? Surely, this guy knows somebody that would play with him rather than his bitch of a phone. Dungeons & Dragons is meant to be a time to together with your closest nerd friends and then tear them a new one for their decision-making. Oh, forlorn.

Speaking of Patrick Rothfuss, Guess Who’s Joining Acquisitions Incorporated?

Spoiler alert, it’s Patrick Rothfuss.  I know it was difficult to guess, from that incredibly complicated title, so I thought I’d just let you know. Yup, this year the writer of Name of the Wind will new stepping in to the mysteriously absent Wil Wheaton’s spot (did he run over Gabe’s dog?  What happened?) to be playing… mostly Kvothe.  Like, a pretty Kvothe-y dude.  All kinds of Kvothe-ness exuding from this guy.

You can visit Pat’s Blog for more info about the whole thing.

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