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Yes, Martian Manhunter’s Going to be In Injustice, You Can Stop Whining

Despite the fact that the first four DLC characters for Injustice was a terribly kept secret, there were still countless people outraged to learn that their favorite character wasn’t the one chosen every time a new character was announced. And while these complaints ranged far and wide, since every character must have fans somewhere, the most common complaint was Martian Manhunter. Every time “Where’s Martian Manhunter,” “You should add Martian Manhunter!” “Zod sucks, why would you add him instead of Martian Manhunter?” So, now that’s happening. You happy now? Finally? Or are you just going to start bitching about Hawk Girl now?

Oh, finally, there’s also a John Stewart skin for Green Lantern, which is cool, because people like Green Lantern, but which is also a little weird, because he’s just a skin, so he’s going to be doing all that Hal Jordan weirdness with his ring, even though John Stewart doesn’t really do that stuff. Gonna look really odd.

Green Lantern Really Was A Bad Movie And Here Is Proof

I usually say this guy’s stuff is nit-picky, but when it comes to Green Lantern, it’s pretty accurate. Even I can’t defend Green Lantern enough to get this fixed. Poor Green Lantern, never had a chance.

It Is Vitally Important You Are Aware of Injustice: Gods Among Us

This is approximately the one millionth trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us featured on this site.  I think it’s the third this week.  And we’ve been skipping a bunch.  There are a ton of “Here’s one guy fighting another guy” videos that just didn’t seem interesting enough to show.  They just really need you to know about this game.  The Mortal Kombat guys are going to make the DC Superheroes fight, and you’re going to enjoy it, damn it.  Watch them fight!  Superman’s fighting Batman.  Aquaman is fighting Flash.  It’s crazy!  Watch it!

Injustice: Gods Among Us Trailer – Okay, Yellow Hal Jordan? I Don’t Even Know Anymore

Okay, Injustice, you can quit it now.  When I first saw Yellow Hal Jordan I assumed it was just a costume change.  It’s a fighting game, costume changes don’t have to make sense.  But more you’re trying to tell me that Yellow Hal Jordan is part of Green Lantern’s storyline?  What?  Is he a clone?  An alternate universe Hal?  A yellow ring construct that fused with Hal’s fear and somehow became self aware (I’ve read a couple comics)?  Or is it just a fight he’s having in his head between him and his more evil urges?

I don’t know, and I don’t care.  It’s dumb.  If you need an evil Green Lantern, just make him evil.  Or make one of the other ones evil.  John Stewart or Kyle Rayner or that one that everyone already thinks is a dick.  Probably him.  Don’t have Hal fighting himself.  That’s just stupid.  Stop being stupid.

Aww Crap, Young Justice is Cancelled


Yup, the not Teen Titans (but, you know, mostly Teen Titans) show will end after this season completes, to be replaced by Teen Titans Go.  Which, come on guys, Teen Titans had seven years.  That’s a good run, just let it be.  Even worse, it will be designed around the cute little shorts that currently airing during the DC Nation. Which are fine for two minutes, but I don’t want to see an entire show about it.   Especially not if it’s pushing Young Justice, a genuinely good show, out to do it.  They better beat the hell out of the Reach before the show ends. And Greg Weisman better get another job.  Between this and Spectacular Spider-Man his awesome shows to cancellation ratio is way off.

That Green Lantern show is also gone.  I can’t care, but I know that there are people that love it, so sorry about that.  If it makes you feel any better, the horrible mess that is Beware the Batman will be there to fill your unfortunate CG design needs, with the added bonus of having damn near nothing to do with Batman.

There’s some other unfortunate stuff.  A CG Powerpuff Girls special, because apparently crappy CG must have gotten cheaper than flash animation at some point?  And a LEGO Star Wars thing, because Clone Wars belongs to Disney now, so they’ve gotta sneak their Star Wars in sideways now.  Overall, mighty disappointing.  Only good news is that Adventure Time and Regular Show are still on.  Oh and Scooby-Doo! Mystery Inc.  Dunno how that one avoided the axe, but thank god.

From Newsrama

Iconic Gay Superhero Misleading

Today it was revealed that the “iconic” superhero is none other than Green Lantern. Well, not the one you think it is. Alan Scott, formerly Golden Age Green Lantern and currently Earth 2 Green Lantern after the big reboot. I hadn’t even considered the old guard when thinking what DC meant by iconic. I’m not that surprised and the softballing of this event. And I concur with DC reps when they said that the media made this a bigger deal than they wanted it to be. Now he just needs to get married.


Green Lantern New Guardians #6 – Review

New villain Archangel Invictus is a beast. Nothing these guys do hurts him and he really hates Larfleeze. So sensing the New Guardians, Invictus shows up and attacks he of the groups. Kyle somehow gets them all together and still they are overpowered by super-angel. If only they had Bleez…

A very adequate transition story, though it felt short but that always happens when you are accenting action over dialogue or story development. I really want to hear the explanation on this guy and his giant Orrery, and I’m even more curious as to how he will be defeated or not defeated (persuaded to stop, essentially). Next issue!

Green Lantern Corps #6 – Review

I’m disappointed in this issue because I was starting to like the characters again. However, when Deus Ex Machina is used so obviously, you can’t help but cringe at it. This is especially a problem when you’ve got an antagonist that has some real possibilities of being rooted for, if they didn’t massacre planets of people. Green Lanterns win, that should be enough of a summary for you.

Bah, its just not the flagship book of the franchise and you can see that in the writing. I don’t why I’m still subscribed to it. I should’ve canceled by now, but I like Guy, John and Hannu too much. Sigh.

Green Lantern #6 – Review

I hope this doesn’t become a trend: Hal returns to life on Earth, he is happy, something drastic happens somewhere else in the universe, Sinestro grabs Hal Jordan to help stop this something drastic, Sinestro sends him home, rinse and repeat. That’s what it’s looking like though. And I hate first issues of story arcs as it is, they go and repeat what happened last arc. Why do this dance again? This scenario seems even more drastic than before, so who knows if this one is more important or not.

Green Sinestro is still weird by the way.

Red Lanterns #6 – Review

Red Lanterns is still my favorite. Now it features a human Red Lantern, Rankorr (Red Lanterns have weird names). The cool part about this issue is that we get an insight to what Rankorr is feeling as he adapts to being a Red Lantern, something we haven’t been able to see before. He causes problems on Earth and Atrocitus continues his battle with controlling his corps.

Look, if you read comics and haven’t read Red Lanterns you really missing out on a great series. Check it out.