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Most Elaborate Wedding Proposal Inspired by Harry Potter

These two are going to be getting married. But before they could, he put his future wife through a pretty excessive scavenger hunt that she seemed all too willing to participate in. And she didn’t plan this, it was kind of sprung on her. They kind of are made for each other if she’s willing to go through all that, and if he thinks it’s a good idea to put her through all that. It worked, so there.

JK Rowling to Provide More Harry Potter, Sort Of


Admittedly, it’s a little confusing. “Harry Potter” is the glasses wizard that we all love But it’s also a general term for the entire franchise We’re using it as the latter sense here, as JK has agreed to write another movie, but this one will feature little to no glasses wizard. Instead it’s an adaptation of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and will be about Newt Scamander just hanging out with crazy ass monsters.

Which, at first glance, seems great. It’s more Harry Potter (again, as a name for the franchise) and we all love Harry Potter. But then you have to take a moment to think about it. A movie about the monsters of the Harry Potter world? That’s just a movie about generic fantasy monsters. Outside of the Demetors, can you name one creature that wasn’t lifted directly out of the D&D monster’s manual? Probably not. Centaurs, Unicorns, Dragons, Basilisks, Manticores. This is all stuff we know. We love the Harry Potter books because of the characters and story crafted around these kind of boring retreads of already existing creatures. But a whole movie about nothing but them? Sounds risky.

Kill Your Darlings Trailer – Harry Potter College Years

Daniel Radcliffe is Harry Potter and no one will forget that. Which is why I would like to imagine Kill Your Darlings is about Harry Potter’s drug-addled experimentation years, that somehow creates a murder plot. Oh, Harry how much you’ve fallen. It’s not Harry Potter, just Daniel Radcliffe playing… somebody else, who may or may not try to kill Dexter.

Good Thing I Did Not Have Vested Interest in Wonderbook

Wonderbook looked dumb. Having to buy Playstation Move and then the overpriced book, I figured it was just a cash cow for the Harry Potter franchise. I was correct. Unless you are one of the those super Harry Potter collectors, this probably isn’t for you. And if you are one of those people, why do you have so many wands!?! You only need one wand!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter Adds a Diagon Alley, I Pee Myself a Little In Excitement


Because there’s absolutely nothing that can’t be improved by more Harry Potter, Universal Studios will be expanding the Wizarding World of Harry Potter into Universal Studios proper.  The current section is in the Islands of Adventure, but starting next year you’ll be able to get your Harry Potter on in either park.  Islands of Adventure will continue to be Hogsmeade and Hogwarts and they will build a chunk of London and Diagon Alley in Universal Studios.  Finally you’ll be able to take a short walk from Amity Island to The Leaky Cauldron, like god intended.  And the best bit, the most wonderful bit, is that they will connect the two parks allowing you to ride from “London” to “Hogsmeade” on the Hogwarts Express.  I could cry.

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Use All the Famous Movie Props

The only unfortunate part about this video is that a couple of movie franchises get repeated, Ghostbusters and Star Wars. Also, not sure about the Wild West gun, is that Clint Eastwood? The end is a little overkill. You’ll see why.

When Batman Is Inserted to Famous Movie Scenes

No, this is not the best Batman impression, but it is a creative use green screen. Somehow when he tells Han Solo he loves him, it gets to me. Some moments are better than others, but if you were always wondering what Batman would be like as Dorothy in Wizard of Oz, here you go.

Gary Oldman Loses His Shit

Gary Oldman Loses His Shit from Flavorwire on Vimeo.

Here’s a good way to end the week.  Several minutes of Gary Oldman yelling at everyone and everything in sight.  It’s kind of wonderful.  If you’re unclear on which specific Gary Oldman character is screaming at someone for some reason, you can see the list of all the movies used at Flavorwire.

Hint: The one screaming about Azkaban is from Harry Potter.

Hint 2: If you ask for a table at Outback, and they hand you that little beeper thing, do not yell “I’ve done my waiting! Twelve years of it! In Azkaban!” They do not appreciate that.

Harry Potter Musical Is Downright Silly

The crowd absolutely loves these guys. It helps the actual Luna Lovegood is reprising her role for…this. There’s some issues here, but since this is technically a staged reading (and by technically all I mean is that they read the scripts as they do it) you can look past it. I am concerned about the level of appreciation the audience has. That guy looks nothing like Ron. There’s at least 9 more parts after this so if you want to see the entire Harry Potter musical be my guest.

Well That Makes My Official LEGO Hogwarts Just Look Sad


I thought the LEGO Hogwarts that LEGO sold me was cool, with four little sections representing all the best bits of the castle.  It was nice.   But it sure as hell wasn’t a 400,000 piece model intricately detailing almost every bit of the Hogwarts from the film.  That’s better.  That’s what Alice Finch has constructed, and you can swing on by her flickr account to see all the little bits in greater detail, including the covered wooden bridge!  I love that bridge!

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