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Plunge into a Next Gen Mario World Again

Instead of fire, he throws bombs. Adds more blood and reasoning on why they would completely disappear instead of burn. Missed a whole lot coins on the way. My verdict is that Mario shouldn’t be like this. At least not this level. Burns my childhood… with a bomb.

Chrono Trigger as an HD Remake

It will never happen normally, so a fan took it upon himself to make Chrono Trigger look beautiful again. Not that it wasn’t beautiful, it was just old. There’s still the sprites, but they are in high resolution for you to gander at and wish it was real. Maybe someday (cue Annie music).

Nights HD Remake Turns Dreams To Reality

I bought the Wii sequel to Nights. I didn’t like it that much. Only because the motion controls did nothing but confuse me and the awkwardness of the analog didn’t help me. So I am hoping if I play on my PC that using the keyboard won’t make things even worse. But it could still happen. Graphics look nice, but they say you can also revert to the old school graphics whenever you feel like it. Feeling overly nostalgic? Enough to bring the first 3D pixels back? Probably not. Don’t do that.

HD Remake of Star Fox Opening