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Nintendo TVii Trailer – Television for Wii U

Hot on the heels of Wii U announcements, we have a cool new feature that’s free with every Wii U: Nintendo TVii. Basically, it will encompass many features that you already have spread out over a couple of different devices. This will be helpful, if you don’t already own these like Tivo, Hulu and Netflix, and a phone that can do Twitter and Facebook. It’s a lot to assume that people don’t already have these services, some may appreciate it in one package, and a Nintendo package, but this has just as much potential to be gimmicky as it is to be groundbreaking. However, if you use a 360 or PS3 only for the features mentioned previously, then this might be a nice replacement. But you will also need 300 to 350 dollars.

The Glorious Return of Community


I’m excited. First of three webisodes of Community to get us ready for its glorious, glorious return. Huzzah!

Hulu Plus on Nintendo Wii and 3DS Redundant

Nintendo announced that they are adding Hulu Plus option for their Wii and 3DS consoles. You already have Netflix what more do you want? Is Hulu Plus better? I don’t know because I’m not subscribed to either because as you can tell, my posts are pretty light on the TV side of things. In any case, if you already subscribed to this service so you could cancel cable, you can use your Wii instead of your laptop, assuming you have a television, which you probably don’t, commie.


Persona 4 Anime on Hulu

Yup, there it is. It covers the game in what I could remember from the plot pretty well, I didn’t play it so I have no idea what’s going to happen next. It even uses the game’s time change mechanic. A little slow start because its the first episode, but the end really makes you want to watch more. But who knows how long the next episode will take to get on Hulu. I should do more research and tell you (editor’s note: probably won’t happen).