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Do Not Play Dungeons and Dragons Alone With Your Phone

This was a disaster waiting to happen. Why does this guy have no friends? Surely, this guy knows somebody that would play with him rather than his bitch of a phone. Dungeons & Dragons is meant to be a time to together with your closest nerd friends and then tear them a new one for their decision-making. Oh, forlorn.

Robot Unicorn Attack 2 Is Here And It Is Glorious

I may have had to use IGN play footage because I couldn’t find a trailer online, but I am super excited about eventually getting to play Robot Unicorn Attack 2 once it stops being iOS exclusive. All the customizing options are there, it has way more dynamic backgrounds, and now multiple soundtracks. Just in case you were getting sick of Erasure. Were you sick of it. The answer is no. No one is ever sick of Erasure.

So Many iPhones Possibly Destroyed in Dominoes

This video is interesting for 3 reasons. 1) They were able to get 10,000 iPhone 5s. 2) They timed all of them to make this weird giant video that is not conceivably possible. 3) You can’t tell it’s fake right away. I guess I should have known when it became an ad for an animation studio, but on the second viewing I saw the textures looked off, and then they lacked shadows later on. Well, hopefully this gets this them some internet fame. Looks pretty good. Also, they have more fake videos to the right. Man, so many clues.

Arranger Is a Bizarre iPhone Game Based on Music

At least I think it’s based on music. It’s not entirely clear on what is going on here. I do know that you play that yellow square, you have music of some sort, you play minigames that look a lot like WarioWare, and it’s a video game. Other than that, it’s up to you to figure out what Arranger is all about. Probably music.

John Malkovich Almost Makes iPhone 4S Commercails Bearable

Almost. I still find it odd that Apple feels the need for celebrities to endorse a product that already owns market share. I see way more iPhones that any other phone when I randomly meet people. At least John Malkovich is watchable in his. Not even Samuel L Jackson made his interesting. I don’t care if he likes gazpacho, just get those monkey-flipping snakes out of it!