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Insert Team Fortress Into James Bond

What’s really amazing about this parody is how close they were able to get the lighting on the digital characters. Spy especially. While I think the Spy is French, he does blend seamlessly with the role of English super agent James Bond. I can tell this took a while, spending a lot of time making it really look like all the Team Fortress characters belong in the Skyfall trailer. Now they should do it for Die Another Day, that movie needs saving from our memories.

Trying To Figure Out Why Someone Made Lego Casino Royale

Not that this isn’t good, it is totally good. But seems like there are a lot of other things they could’ve done, Lego or otherwise, than the opening scene from Casino Royale. I’m not going to ask. I’ll just wait for the rest of it to be made.

James Bond Games Pulled From Online Distribution

james bond jawsSomething happened and now you can’t buy any James bond licensed game anywhere… maybe eBay, they can’t really stop that. Actually, you could do some Amazon places. Definitely not Steam, they are pretty diligent about that. Anyway, it’s harder than it was before. So if you were really hankering to download 007 Legends then you are going to be sorely disappointed. Guess you could just go to eBay or Amazon, not really a big deal. They are probably just having a licensing issue. Everybody get back to work!


Watch All the Bond Movie in Order in One Movie

Someone has gone through the trouble of cutting all previous 22 Bond films and attempting to make a cohesive single movie. I assume that in addition to Bond changing actor that you accept that the Bond girl changes actresses as well. I haven’t sat down and watch the whole thing, but there are some interesting cuts here, and they tend to fall in line in order. The opening scene is the opening scene Dr. No and the closing scene is the closing scene from Quantum of Solace and the rest fit similarly. Lets see if Skyfall is better (it has to be better, this can’t make as much sense as one solid movie that made a crap ton of money this weekend).

Skyfall Trailer Joins 007 Legends Lineup

Not that this game is doing well critically, you should be able to add to your game the Skyfall mission soon. Movie comes out today, so what better way to relieve it or get in the mood than by playing it out. Or you could just skip the whole game thing. Most of you will probably do that. I’m not sure how well it sold. Probably not as well as they would’ve liked. The movie will do well though, everyone is talking that up. To the cinemadome!

James Bond Viral Video Probably More Fun In Person

Another one of those viral videos that take just as much time and execution as it did creativity. Also, they really had to hope that people wanted Skyfall tickets. Look at these guys huff it up those escalators. All around, great effort in trying to recover from the 007 Legends debacle.

007 Legends Gets Bad Reviews, Reinvents Campy

The team behind 007 Legends have done a good job of hyping the game for release and well before the movie came out. Unfortunately, not a lot of people are liking it, mostly because of archaic game elements and how similar it is to Call of Duty. Also, these older movies modernized don’t play as interesting as when they were first released. Well, Kotaku went ahead and edited all of the silly parts of the Goldfinger mission together. I have a hunch that it is actually all of the non-combat segments. Silly game, silly writing, silly execution.

This James Bond Clip Is About as James Bond-y As You Can Get

You got your Bond, you got your pretty lady, you got some gambling, you’ve got him introducing himself in that odd way. It’s pretty much all the James Bond you could fit on one screen. The only way it could be any more James Bond would be if it all happened inside an Aston Martin that he was driving while shooting people with a Walther PPK and someone makes a pun about the unique way he’s having sex. That would be more James Bond. But that’s just an unlikely combination. We’ll just have to stick with this scene for now.

Listen, Adele, It’s No “A View to a Kill”

Adele’s released the theme to Skyfall, titled Skyfall, because that’s what you do with James Bond movies, you give the theme the same title as the movie. Even Madonna knew that. I don’t what this “You Know My Name” nonsense was. I mean, I loved the song, Chris Cornell is awesome, but it should have been called Casino Royale. Adele gets it though. We’re bringing it back. I don’t love the song, though. I mean, it’s okay, it’s James Bond-y. I can certainly imagine it playing over a video of writhing naked female shapes probably made out of clouds, cause the movie’s called “Skyfall” and that would just fit. But I don’t see myself listening to it over and over like “You Know My Name” or “A View to a Kill” or “Live and Let Die” or even most of Adele’s non-James Bond themed music.

Though, to be fair, almost this entire song is not about her ex-boyfriend. So, that’s gotta be hard to write about for her. “How does the falling sky relate to my desire to resume a relationship with that guy that broke my heart?” Well, it doesn’t Adele. It just doesn’t.

Goldfinger Last Piece of 007 Legends Puzzle

I should have known it was going to be Goldfinger. You can’t have a Bond game without Oddjob. Now you get to fist-fight him with quicktime events. That’s better, right? I’m really looking forward to this game. Not sure how long it will be since we are technically going to be playing through 6 movies. Is that really going to equal 15 hours of gameplay? Is that long for a shooter? I’m asking too many questions.