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Dragon Dragoon 3 Looks Pretty Has Terrible Name

I’m trying to figure out how a game called Dragon Dragoon has made it to three games. Oh, wait, it’s got both Dragon and Dragoon in the title. Everyone who loves anything Japanese must love this game. Especially the Japanese since this is a Japan-only game for now. But it sure is pretty. Square Enix’s best asset is making pretty trailers. They should just sell those for a quarter each. They’d make thousands!

Narrator Retells Story of Animal Crossing

Japan adapts some weird things into movies. Like a video game that doesn’t have a plot: Animal Crossing. This is apparently a world where a little girl moves without parents to a town filled with animal people and gets a job working for a raccoon. At least this helpful American helps me through the subtle plot of little girl goes here and meets this person and random stuff happens. End of story. However, this five-minute recap is probably more entertaining than the actual movie. I don’t remember aliens in Animal Crossing. Ugh. Thanks narrator!

The Monster Hunter 4 Opening Cinematic Americans May Never See

To be honest, it will probably get localized, Monster Hunter is still somewhat popular… I think… I hope. I mean, it’s the same as the other games, but we want more monsters and more locations, and tiny cat people helping us. Yup, all that. Now only in Japan… or China. I don’t know.

The Wind Rises Trailer – No Magic Miyazaki

Most of Miyazaki’s animated films have some sort of magic in them, right? This one doesn’t. I thought there was for a second, but I figured out it was just an earthquake. I’m sure the whole thing would make more sense in English, but the description says it’s about the inventor of the Zero fighter plane. Why animate this? It seems weird. What are you trying to pull Miyazaki!? We want fantasy, not harsh reality where the only thing fantastical is everyone’s ability to lose their balance. Ugh.

The Wolverine Trailer – Spoiler Alert, Jean Grey Has a Cameo

Yup, after months of speculation about whether Famke Janssen would be in The Wolverine, or what part she would be playing, or what she’s be doing, they decided, “Screw it, throw her in the trailer!” So, yeah, she’s part of a dream sequence. Pretty much what you’d expected. Kind of a let down for anyone going she would be reborn as a less shitty Phoenix, or for people who were hoping that we were going to just ignore the mess that was X-Men 3. Sorry about that.

Otherwise, it’s all what you’d expect. Wolverine saved a dude, years later the side wants to repay him with mortality, but whoops, the guy offering to kill him might not have his best intentions at heart, so a lot of fighting happens. And Wolverine keeps discussing the fact that he’s regenerative powers aren’t working, as though that’s a surprise, and not a procedure that he signed up for. Then he fights a samurai. And possibly a ninja. Cause it’s Japan.

Giant Monsters Destroy Japan And That’s It

This is a really incredble looking live-action movie with Kaiju, or giant Japanese monsters. Look, they are destroying Tokyo. Nothing stops them. They just keep destroying Tokyo. Poor Tokyo.

Nintendo Bosses Are Vengeful and Stuff

This video makes a nice recap, probably in jest, about Nintendo of America head Reggie Fils-Aime not speaking Japanese very well, and then ramifications of it. Lesson learned: don’t make fun of the boss.

Apparently Someone Made a Macross Musical

That this musical had to be made, but it got to be made. Macross still holds strong in a lot of people’s opinions of good anime, but Japan goes above and beyond yet again to bring us a live stage musical of Macross, missing a very important part of it, the mecha. Don’t see them using any mecha here. Hopefully the dancers dress up as them and do some sort of West Side Story dance fight which includes them walking like a crab for the mid-transformation. Time to go to Japan again…

Cheating Robot Wins Rock Paper Scissors

This robot will never lose Rock Paper Scissors. Why? Super high speed camera and the advantage of only having 10 total joints. Japan really likes their Rock Paper Scissors. I know, I’ve played at 3 Japanese developed games with a Rock Paper Scissors mini-game included. Now they have a robot that can never lose. NEVER! That robot will rule the world!

Disney Has an Anime Commercial

Just thought you should know that two universes have collapsed on themselves and are going to slowly rip apart time and space as we know it.