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Now You See Me Trailer – Morgan Freeman Will Explain Everything

Apparently the first Now You See Me trailer’s concept of “magicians rob banks using magician powers” was just far too complicated for some folks. So we’re going to try again, with Morgan Freeman explaining the whole thing, step by step. He got you to understand the life cycle of a penguin, I’m sure he can get you to figure this one out as well. See, the magicians are masters of misdirection, and they rob a bank to distract from their actual plan of… something else. Something that will almost certainly seem really clever when it’s spelled out, piece by piece in flashbacks, but then when you get home you’ll realize “Wait… that don’t make a lick of sense.” But by then it will be too late. They’ll already have your money. Ta-da!

Now You See Me Really Hopes You Enjoyed Ocean’s Eleven


They’re already making another movie about giant heists performed by con men.  Why not go all out and use Ocean’s Eleven’s poster as well?  Only this time, instead of everyone walking over the title, there will be a few disappearing under the title, to represent the whole “magician” thing.  Which is actually a pretty good metaphor for the movie.  “We just made Ocean’s Eleven again, but with a couple of goofy magician gimmicks jammed in there.”  Awesome.