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Thor’s Poster Get’s LEGO-ized for that Sweet Sweet Cross Promotion


Over the next two months Marvel has both a movie and a LEGO game being released.  Obviously at some point there were going to find a way to sell em both to you at the same time.  And that time is now.  Thus, this poster, reminding you simultaneously that “Oh, boy, there’s a new Thor movie coming!” And “Oh boy, there’s a LEGO Marvel game coming!”  Well played, guys.  That’s some Jack Donaghy level cross promotion.  Well done indeed.

Lego Ninjas Fight For More Amusement Than TV Show

I have tried to watch Ninjago several times. I find it grating and nearly unbearable. It’s mostly the speaking. Luckily, someone has taken that out and just had two lego ninja fight each other. That’s much better.

LEGO Minifigures Online Trailer – Yeah, Because That Worked So Well Last Time

Despite the fantastic failure that was LEGO Universe, Funcom has decided that they are going to find a way to make people play with LEGO online, damn it. To that effect, LEGO Minifigures Online, a game that improves on LEGO Universe by… looking pretty much exactly the same. Brilliant. Once again you play a little minifig as you run around, blow stuff up, build stuff out of the wreckage of that stuff, then blow that new stuff up again. You’ll probably also fight some random LEGO monsters or maybe get sent of some quests to kill x number of monsters, or get hired to blow up some monsters’ stuff, which requires fighting some monsters. And then, umm… just do that for fifty levels.

I just don’t think it’s going to work that well, guys. As much as we love LEGO, it’s really an individual thing. I don’t even like playing CO-OP, cause those are my blocks to kersplode! Share the world with thousands of other players, all of whom are also kersploding blocks? Blocks which, due to the nature of online gaming, are just going to get better? Yuck, no.

Plus, you know, not a lot of people care for unlicensed LEGO sets anymore. A quick visit would confirm that they’re all pretty much based on an already existing franchise. Making a giant MMO based on the least popular LEGO franchise seems odd. Least you could have done was add some Ninjago. Or that new one, with the Lion-O guy? That’s probably a better move.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Finally Includes News We’ve All Been Waiting for: LEGO Stan Lee

Finally, LEGO games give us the one piece that has been missing from these games historically: an elderly fame whoring comic writer who is turned into a LEGO version of himself that is somehow able to access all the powers that he imbued his creations with.

He’s almost certainly gonna be a post game unlock, or he’ll make the game way too easy. But if you’ve been just aching to play a game as Stan Lee, but found his appearance in that one Spider-Man just way too lacking in LEGO-ness, here’s the way to go.

They Should Sell Giant LEGO Galactus

Here’s the latest trailer for LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. The big selling point on this one is you get to see Galactus (albeit in the final seconds of the trailer). Makes me want to build a giant Galactus. I guess I could settle for fighting one in this game, or I could go build one out of sheet metal. Yup, that last one sounds the easiest. Time to go buy sheet metal.

Geek Week Continues with Lego Adventure Time

Not just Adventure Time characters in Lego, they remade the entire sweeping intro out of Legos. It moved a little slower because using Lego models for every frame takes a bunch of time. So I understand it was easier to just extend the shots a little. Plus, that’s a lot of detail they put in for basically a second of footage. Adventure Time!

Must Buy Lego DeLorean for Realzies

lego back to the futureWho wants this? I want this. Guess what? You can actually buy this. Yup, it made it passed whatever board decides which Lego sets they mass produce and this one made it. I just need to figure out how quickly I should buy it because I don’t know how quickly these sorts of things sell. A portion of the sales also goes to charity if that helps persuade you. It helps me.

Buy your Lego DeLorean time machine on the Lego website.

Is There Anything KRE-O Can’t Ruin?


Oh, boy.  KRE-O Dungeons and Dragons.  Isn’t that exciting?  Aren’t you overjoyed to learn that LEGO’s dumb ass cousin will be in charge of one of your favorite franchises?

There is a moment of excitement, though, right?  You see minifig Drizzt fighting a bunch of minifig orcs, and your heart leaps with joy.  LEGO D&D?  This is the best news ever.  Then it starts to sink in.  “Wait, these minifigs don’t look right.  And doesn’t Hasbro own Wizards of the Coast?”  And then your eyes drift hesitantly upwards, to the line of text that you ignored the first time due to all your excitement about D&D minifigs.  KRE-O.  KRE-O D&D.  You could not be more disgusted if you poured out a bowl of Fruit Loops and a spider’s egg sac came with it.  Ugh.  The sets will probably be, like, twelve pieces.  Twelve pieces that can’t be used for anything but that specific set.  Goddamn KRE-O.

The LEGO Movie Trailer – Finally, Stop Motion LEGO Fights Given the Hollywood Budget They Deserve

Every time you watch one of those stop motion LEGO videos on the internet, doesn’t part of you just think “These people deserve a massive Hollywood budget, and voice actors including several of my most favorite celebrities”? Well, that part of you is now getting rewarded for your devotion. Cause that’s happening. All your favorite LEGO sets are getting together, and getting into a crazy adventure that’s mostly an excuse for stop motion LEGO fights and Morgan Freeman to do the wizard voice. It’s basically the finest endeavor anyone has ever embarked on. Just witness it’s glory.

Also, “Assembled”? That’s a pun.

LEGO Songbird Is Easily the Best LEGO Version of a Giant Mechanical Bird from a Video Game That You’ll See Today


Probably the best you’ll see this week. The Songbird from Bioshock Infinite, already available in statue and plushie form, has now been rendered in LEGO by Flick user Imagine Rigney, finally allowing you to see what Songbird would look like if he were built out of studded blocks, instead of steampunk-y metal and… other metal.  Awesome.  Soon everything will be built of LEGO.  What a world that will be.