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No Need to Vote Mario Party As Friendship Ruiner

Mario PartyRight now, Dorkly has a live vote on what game has the most friendship ruining potential. This does not need a vote. There is and always will be a clear winner in this genre. Mario Party franchise is the king of killing friendships. Nothing really comes close. Currently second in the polls is Mario Kart, but I’ve never seen that one cause huge arguments. Smash Bros and Mario Tennis, well any game with Mario seems to have the chance of estranging two people. Mario Party is the worst in that most of the time, it’s out of your control. So you’ve lost a friend because of some random number generator. Awful. So sad.

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Why Mario Party Is Awful

This is a very small sample size of evidence that supports why Mario Party is awful. It is literally a giant game of chance. You have equal chance of being screwed over no matter how good you are at mini-games. I want to see what happens if nobody does anything. Who wins then?