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I Was Wrong About Super Mario 3D World

I was previously completely uninterested in another Mario game. Until I saw this footage from Nintendo Direct today. Super Mario 3D World looks much more refreshing and innovative than other trailers had suggested. Cool new power-ups, ability to grab and use blocks as weapons, and three dimensional levels that are for more engaging than any side-scrolling Mario has. Because I want to see what the cherries do, I might be picking this up.

Nintendo should pay for this pure praise. This is only praise. I should say something mean… uh… uh… there’s no Sonic. Not that’s not genuine…

The Turtles and Mario Mashup You Never Knew You Wanted

It’s just really perfect, you know. I am pretty sure this the same guy who did that Mario and Ghostbusters mashup, because that was perfect, too. But this is more perfect. Guess Mario had to play Shredder though. But wait, maybe it’s Metal Mario. Yes, that’ll make it make sense.

Why Are There So Many Marios?

There’s so many Marios. Why are there so many Marios? The brochures said there’d only be a few Marios. This is a terrible vacation.

Monster Hunter is Really Embracing Nintendo Now

Yesterday we saw a Link costume for Monster Hunter 4, now we get Mario and Luigi costumes for the cat companions. Seems like Monster Hunter might be going all in on Nintendo. I have to expect that their American sales have been higher on Nintendo systems. Not that the PSP had/has done well at all in North America. Now you can have a whole Nintendo themed monster hunting party. We’ll soon have people asking to hunt in Princess Peach’s dress, but it’s going to get dirty from all those dung bombs you throw around. No one wants a dirty dress.

Best Rayman Legends Trailer Yet

Looks like they took all the good things about recent Mario and Donkey Kong platformers and crammed them all together to make a masterpiece of art and gaming. And everyone on earth has the opportunity to play it since it is on every system. Finally we don’t have to see those stupid Rabbids anymore.

Part 4 of Mario Warfare Heads to Smash Club

I had to barrel through an obvious and lame tribute to Fight Club, but after that, there was some fun jokes and trope parodies in here. This one seems more fun-centric than plot advancement, but enjoy the ride, it’s Mario Warfare!

Mario Opera is Oddly Hypnotic in a Musical Way

+5 points for creating an opera based on our favorite plumber, Mario. -2 points for making it not sound like an opera. +3 points for fully costuming your chorus and band. -4 points for a terrible recording of the audio, I’m sure they sound much better in person, but I can’t be sure. +1 point for putting yourself out there. That’s 3 points in the positive direction, I’ll give it to them. Go Mario Opera!

Stan Lee Owns All of the Cameos

In a video made for a YouTube channel that seems to be solely made to beef up Stan Lee’s web presence, they have animated him into several well-known video games. Some day, we are going to miss all of Stan Lee’s cameos. I don’t exactly know that date, but it will be a sad day in the cameo world. Until then, enjoy what Stan Lee brings to the video game stage.

Nintendo Direct Gets You Excited About All Sorts of Things

We already posted about the exciting yet prolonged release of Professor Layton x Ace Attorney, but Nintendo showcased a lot of games in today’s Nintendo Direct. The new Sonic, Rayman, Mario (Luigi), and Zelda games. Also, Nintendo keeps almost getting me to buy a 3DS just for Animal Crossing buy mitigating the problem of knowing very few people that carry around their 3DS with them. Oh, to be in a place with mass transit…

Plunge into a Next Gen Mario World Again

Instead of fire, he throws bombs. Adds more blood and reasoning on why they would completely disappear instead of burn. Missed a whole lot coins on the way. My verdict is that Mario shouldn’t be like this. At least not this level. Burns my childhood… with a bomb.