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Thor’s Poster Get’s LEGO-ized for that Sweet Sweet Cross Promotion


Over the next two months Marvel has both a movie and a LEGO game being released.  Obviously at some point there were going to find a way to sell em both to you at the same time.  And that time is now.  Thus, this poster, reminding you simultaneously that “Oh, boy, there’s a new Thor movie coming!” And “Oh boy, there’s a LEGO Marvel game coming!”  Well played, guys.  That’s some Jack Donaghy level cross promotion.  Well done indeed.

Marvel Puzzle Quest Finally Adds All the Freemium Crap That Puzzle Quest Has Been Missing

Remember how you used to be able to pay one time for Puzzle Quest, and that would give you the whole game? Wasn’t that stupid? Who thought that was a good plan? This is much better. You pay zero dollars for the game, but after every fight you get to decide if you want to pay to be able to play again without sitting around for half an hour. Isn’t that a much better system? Literally paying every time you lose? Or even if you do moderately well, but just don’t want to go into the next fight with half your hitpoints? Such a better system. Thank got this is a system that we’ve all somehow decided is okay.

This Attractive Lady Will Be Your Scarlet Witch


This is Elizabeth Olsen, who, despite sharing the first name of the actress that plays Peggy Olson, and the last name of the character Peggy Olson, is not Elizabeth Moss.  Don’t make that mistake. 

Anyway. Sam Jackson announced she’s going to be Scarlet Witch in Avengers: Whatever Ultron, because apparently that’s how Marvel’s announcing new actors now, by having someone “accidentally” reveal the news.  Sure.

Elisabeth Olsen has been in… ummm… movies before… I’m sure?  People act like she’s a name you should recognize, so why not?  Certainly she’s pretty enough to look at, and since everything about the Scarlet Witch is insane, any choice she makes acting wise could be considered to be faithful to the character if you think about it long enough, so… well done, I suppose.

Agents of SHIELD Is Improved Through the Magic of Terrible Voice Over

Agents of SHIELD premiers tonight, so it’s no longer okay to dick around with this.  We’ve had several months of well edited trailers that sell us the show without hammering us over the head with it.  But this commercial, which aired last night, is not risking that anymore.  They know you’re a moron who needs literally everything explained for you.  So, this trailer, which is going to spell everything out for you through this horrendous voice over.  Nothing will be left unclear. You will watch this show, damn it.

DC Seems Like He Has Been Hit On Hard Times

This is a little awkward, but any Marvel vs DC arguments are awkward in general. There’s a surprise cameo at the end. This is a pretty good analogy, though DC fans will believe that their avatar is being more of a jerk than he needs to be. But listen up, he’s not.

Natalie Portman Gets Upgraded to Cape Wearer


Sure, we know a lot of you think that the only girl for Thor is Sif.  But, frankly, we’ve already got Natalie Portman as Jane Foster, and we’re not having him dump her.  Even ignoring the financial investment, can you imagine the backlash we’d have by having Thor dump the bundle of adorable that is Natalie Portman?  No, that’s insane.  But we’ll meet you halfway.  Can’t give you Sif, but we can put Jane Foster in Asgardian armor and a cape, slightly increasing her resemblance to Sif.  Best we can do.

The Doctor’s Latest Regeneration is a Doozy


Presumably as a punishment for his last incarnation being such a tremendous dick to the GI Joes, the Doctor’s latest incarnation is all kinds of a mess.  Face is all messed up, requiring a mask, and he kind of resembles an elf.  Not exactly an elf, bit, like, a space elf.  A Spelf.

Now, you’d think this would be a learning experience for the Doctor, maybe he would spend this time around not being such a cock. But no, he’s even worse.  As Malekith the Accursed he’s gonna try to unmake the universe or something.  Makes starting a war just to sell weapons to both sides seem like a kindness in comparison.  Calm down, guy.  Maybe we’ll get you in touch with a plastic surgeon or something?  You don’t need to end everything.  That’s just a bit of an overreaction.

LEGO Marvel Superheroes Finally Includes News We’ve All Been Waiting for: LEGO Stan Lee

Finally, LEGO games give us the one piece that has been missing from these games historically: an elderly fame whoring comic writer who is turned into a LEGO version of himself that is somehow able to access all the powers that he imbued his creations with.

He’s almost certainly gonna be a post game unlock, or he’ll make the game way too easy. But if you’ve been just aching to play a game as Stan Lee, but found his appearance in that one Spider-Man just way too lacking in LEGO-ness, here’s the way to go.

Basketball Mod Features Marvel and Mortal Kombat Characters

Sports games get the dubious honor of being slightly less nerdy than other video games. How do we fix that? Replace every player with characters from the Marvel and Mortal Kombat universes. It makes for a somewhat more exciting game. It does freak me out a little when the characters who are supposed to be fully masked start moving their mouths as if there wasn’t a mask there. But that doesn’t happen too often. Now I just need to figure out the golden Mortal Kombat character with wings. Who the hell is that?

Uh, His First Name is “Agent”

Next in the series of videos introducing the Agents of Agents of SHIELD is this look at Agent Coulson. No explanation so far on why precisely he’s, you know, not dead, but on the other hand all those funny lines he says in the other trailers are also in this trailer, so that’s… okay, there’s really nothing new here. But it’s Phil Coulson! We love Phil Coulson! So here’s some more Phil Coulson!

So, just a month left to the premier. That seems like too far away. Who do we talk to about getting a look at that pilot episode before then? I mean, without going to a massive convention or something?