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Mass Effect 3 DLC Ends With Group Photo

This trailer for Mass Effect 3 DLC really wants you to know that this adventure will involve people you are not currently fighting. Not the Reapers, not the Geth, not Cerberus, but something completely different that feels kind of like Cecil B. Demented with laser guns (or another movie with a closer plot line, I know I’ve seen it, just not where). Anyway, if you for some reason are still playing Mass Effect 3 and aren’t going to be playing any of the dozen major releases this month, here’s one last money suck for you.

Favorite Games 2012 #1 – Mass Effect 3

mass-effect-32I don’t care what you say, I loved playing this game. I played it twice back to back, which I haven’t done since Mass Effect 2. And I probably would have done it again if I had time to play 1 and 2 again. Which I don’t. You visit every possible important world, you meet every living character you’ve ever come across, and you get a cohesive ending no matter how unsettling you found it. I also enjoyed the multiplayer even though I was never able to move beyond bronze level of difficulty (shooters still aren’t my favorite genre). They were making additional content up recently as well, kept the RPG aspects of the multiplayer interesting. So yeah. There are probably better games to put here, but I didn’t spend more time playing a top shelf title than this one.

Favorite Games of 2012 – Number Two: Mass Effect 3


Mass Effect 3

Let’s get this out of the way right away.  If you think Mass Effect 3 is a terrible game because the final few minutes were disappointing, you are a whiny baby.  Yes, the fact that they made the final few minutes of the game almost indistinguishable from anyone else’s final few minutes, regardless of the choices you made, was irritating.  The fact that “blow up the Reapers” and “be best friends with the Reapers” gave you pretty much the same video, except for a differently colored explosion, was dumb.  I won’t argue against that.  But it doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t.  We didn’t buy the game for the final few minutes.  We didn’t play three games of Shepherd fighting the Reapers and Geth and Cerberus because we were really excited what the last three minutes would look like.  We wanted to see the story ended.  And it was.  Civilizations rise and fall, monsters are destroyed, heroes are sacrificed, villains are defeated.  And it’s your story.  Despite mostly the same starting point, your game and my game have very little in common.  Some characters survive, others are killed, some are raised high, others are punished, entire worlds are wildly altered by your input.  Who can complain about this? 

Oh, and there’s a pretty solid Horde Mode multiplayer component that, despite sounding like the dumbest thing ever envisioned actually ended up being a crazy amount of fun.  The actual gameplay had always been secondary to the dialog wheel in Mass Effect, even in the second game when they tightened it up into a solid squad based third person shooter instead of… whatever the hell Mass Effect was.  But here, with a variety of classes and races to choose from, fighting off wave after wave of bloodthirsty enemies with players that weren’t constantly shouting “Not Optimal!” well, that’s the first time I actually appreciated the game as a game, and not just a conversation simulator.  Everything about this game was just the best.

First of Many Year End Video Game Retrospectives

A well put together piece of editing featuring Mass Effect 3, Farcry 3, Journey, Halo 4, and a lot that I couldn’t recognize. There are hundreds of games released each year so we can’t be held accountable for all of them. How many can you recognize. I only got about five, but I didn’t get to play a lot this year. I’m so busy…

Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Trailer – More Stuff To Do in Mass Effect 3

Unless you own Mass Effect 3 only on Playstation 3, there has been a steady stream of new content for you to play, almost as a perpetual apology note. The latest takes you to the one place you haven’t been able to return you, the semi-hub world from Mass Effect 2, Omega. You get 2 brand new characters to plow through the Cerberus-occupied space station. Will it be worth it? Depends on your overall opinion of DLC. For example, I tend to not pay for any, so I may never know if it is worth it.

Spike Video Game Awards Announce Nominees

It’s that time of year again: Awards season. Can you believe Spike has been parading out the Video Game Awards for 10 years now? I’m in shock. Well, they announced the nominees somewhat in advance of their December 7th airing. And here’s our nominees for Game of the Year

-Assassin’s Creed 3
-Mass Effect 3
-The Walking Dead: The Game

Nice list. Weirdest is that 2 on the list are mainly download only games. Times are a-changing. It’s also weird seeing a huge list of games that were popular condensed down to five. But I double-checked and these should work fine. Games sales were at an all-time low recently. Leave room for the truly great.

For a full list of everything else, go to Spike.

We Are Still Packaging Mass Effect 3 DLC With Toys?

Behold this sexy but prohibitively expensive Sovereign replica. Standing 18.5 inches tall and costing a ridiculous 350 bucks, it’s both wonderful and impossible. Even worse, it’s limited to only 1000 pieces, so even at that ridiculous price it will almost certainly sell out on us, so barring a sudden lottery win the near future, you and I are probably never going to see this guy. Sad.

Also, for those few people who are really on the edge of laying down 350 bucks on a very pretty but useless toy, well, there’s also going to be some unnamed multiplayer bonuses for Mass Effect 3. I have no idea what they are, but they better be awesome. “Press select and all the reapers die!” And everyone else would be, like, “Oh, man, this dude’s got that Reaper figurine bonus pack! He’s the man!” Or something.

From Joystiq

Mass Effect Leviathan DLC Trailer

It’s coming out on Tuesday, but its never too late to put out a trailer, even if it is DLC for a game that came out months ago, which must mean people are still playing for some reason. I mean, if you paid $60 you’d want your money’s worth, right? Well, time to see if your copy of Mass Effect 3 isn’t corrupted yet. See if they are making your experience better or worse with this. My vote is worse, except for underwater mech fighting, that’s always better. I just hate Banshees.

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut – Review

Before I actually review the expansion, an important note: I hate Origin. When I finally returned to Mass Effect 3 to download the DLC, the process ran but the game never actually opened. Reinstalling help fix it once, but then to fix it, I had to run Origin in offline mode. Since I had already spent a couple hours reinstalling and trying to fix a problem that shouldn’t need to be fixed, I jumped right to the end because I wanted to see what my ending looked like. Therefore, I skipped whatever other stuff got added at that point and don’t care to thanks to Origin.


So, because of that, I didn’t see a huge increase in content, but I do get a little closure from other parts of the galaxy like on the Asari and Krogan homeworlds. I’m not sure if the extra dialog trees with the glowing child thing were really necessary though. Were people really that unsure of what their choices would result in?

I ended up re-choosing my ending from the last playthrough and it felt pretty much the same. The scene in front of the memorial wall was nice touch, though I was upset to learn that choosing the destroy path that EDI had died. Totally didn’t think of that. Nice twist, Bioware. However, I doubt the validity that the universe was able to rebuild so easily after losing the Mass Relays or the Reapers. Oh well. Guess I should have chosen synthesis.


Overall, decision: not worth the effort Origin made me go through. Fuck you, Origin and ruining my favorite game so far this year. I was going to play some multiplayer, but nope. You lost me, mostly because I can’t physically do it because Origin is fucked up. As you were.

Oh, Yeah, That Fixes Everything. Here’s Your Extended Mass Effect Endings

Are you too lazy to power through that damn Earth level again to see the new endings? Well, that’s logical, it just keeps going. It’s way too long and just the same thing over and over. But good news, you don’t have to wait. Well, good news. There’s apparently a trick you can do with the auto saves to get right to the ending. It means missing out on any changes made to the last two missions, but I’m kinda okay with that. Still, that’s 1.8 gigs I have to download. I don’t really want to put in that sort of effort. So, instead, I watched them on this youtube all the kids are talking about. Synthesis is up above, but it has the links to the other three (three? That’s right, there’s a new one) endings. Though it should be noted that there’s clearly a few differences. I’m pretty sure my Miranda’s still alive. I don’t care enough about Miranda to know for sure, but I’m fairly sure she didn’t die. So obviously if you want “your” ending, you’ll have to play through the game. I’m pretty much okay watching someone else’s ending that is pretty close to mine.

They’re dumb. I mean, yeah, they answer a few more questions, but they’re all questions we kind of already knew the answers to. “When I chose to synthesize organic and synthetic life, what does that mean?” Organic and synthetic life are synthesized now. “Oh, that totally makes sense. Thanks, extended cut! More green eyes! This is so much better!”

No. It’s the same goddamn ending. The people who hated it are still going to hate it, the people who loved it are still going to love it, but now wonder why they needed eight more minutes to explain the story they already got. The only new ending is literally “let the reapers destroy all sentient life in the universe”. No one wants that ending. That’s a stupid ending.