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Mass Effect 3 Will Finally Give You the Ending You “Deserve” on Tuesday


Yup.  This Tuesday the Mass Effect 3 “Extended Cut” DLC will be available.  So you’ll finally be able to answer all those nagging questions.  Like, “What did Wrex say after that thing blew up?” And “What did Garrus say after that thing blew up?”  I really hope you’re not expecting a lot more than animal house style text on the screen describing what happened to your favorite characters.  Or, if you’re lucky, a classy Fallout voice over reading that text.  Clearly the endings themselves will not be changing in anyway.  That would be crazy talk.  You’re gonna get a few more specifics, but the galaxy was in a state that there’s not a lot of variation possible in those stories.  Unless you were happy with the original ending, I doubt you’re gonna be happy with the new one.

From Joystiq

Mass Effect 3 Earns 1.5 Hours of Theorizing

The Indoctrination Theory is what a lot of Mass Effect 3 players have created to justify their experiences and outrage and feelings towards the ending of the space opera. His arguments are cogent, but like a couple commenters have said can be explained by progamming and design shortcuts by Bioware and EA. Actually, I only got 15 minutes in before I had to leave for work, so I’ll absorb the rest of the theory some other time. Sorry, dude, TLDNL.

I Feel Bad For PS3 Mass Effect 3 Players

I am so so sorry. I had no idea that PS3 doesn’t have the promotional weekends that PC and Xbox users have been privy to these past couple of weeks. My condolences to your incomplete experience.

Apparently, it’s not EA’s fault though. You can blame your own manufacturer, Sony. The haven’t approved them. So you’re left to grind without any motivators. Hopefully, not that it’s out in the open, we can get this resolved and you can join us all in happiness.

By the way, new operation this weekend! Bonus XP and free unlock of new classes. Hurray! (sorry)

Via Bioware’s Blog

Fan Remakes Mass Effect 3 Trailer For Epicness

And you thought that the original Mass Effect 3 trailer was epic. This gives epic a whole new meaning. Actually, I’ve been using the word epic so much it’s some meaning with me. I’m losing a grip on true epicness. No, wait. This trailer is pure epicness. Back to Mass Effect multiplayer I go.

More Free Mass Effect 3 DLC

Bioware really wants to keep their fans happy. To that end, more free DLC! Sure, it’s just multiplayer, but I really like the multiplayer. You can see all the cool new things being added in the video which includes Geth, Batarians, Krogan Vanguard, a different kind of Asari Adept, new maps, new weapons.

Say, Bioware, you know what would make me, a Mass Effect fan, really happy? A new car. I sure could go for a new car. Mass Effect 3 doesn’t have a new car…

Mass Effect 3 Free DLC Fan Pandering

This summer, we get the first glimpse of appeasing hatred for Mass Effect 3′s ending with a whole slew of ending content that will be tailored to player’s choices. And it’s free. That’s the good news. Bad news is you have to download it by April 2014.

I guess there isn’t really bad news. What I see here is the trend of free DLC. I’m not against DLC, just being charged for it. And being given it in a timely manner. I’ve beaten Mass Effect 3 twice already with different Shepherds, so I’m not sure how much I want to go back for new content.

All I want to know is if Major Kirrahe survived! There is no indication either way.

Mass Effect Cartoon Makes Me Smile

This is the greatest thing that will never happen. I would watch this all day. I want Wrex as my keyboardist.

Bioware’s Caving to the Whiners


(Photo’s from Hellstern)

So, all your complaining paid off.  Bioware totally submitted to your stupid demands.  So now, we’re gonna get some “enhanced” ending that I can guarantee will not placate the whiners in any way, because they’re a bunch of whiners.  What it almost certainly will do is explain the ending in painful detail, lessening the impact for all of us who enjoyed it as it was.  All this is going to do is create even more people who are pissed at the ending.  Who thought this was a good idea?  Bioware, if you must “fix” one of your games, well, Dragon Age II was a fantastic game covered in a shell of bugs and errors so thick it sometimes obscured anything good the game had. You can fix that, so that my Merrill story plays in the right order, or so that the ending wrap up actually has something to do with the game I played, well, that might be a better use of your time.

I Was Wondering Who’d Make the First Omni-Blade

This guy actually laser cut and hot-tempered plastic to make this awesome looking omni-blade with rotating blade. Many a Mass Effect fan will drool when they see this picture.

If you want to see more pictures and read how he did the things he did, head over the Flickr page. If you want to be a bigger geek, start making a Prothean costume.

Mass Effect Anime Will Be a Thing, Will Be Disappointing


I’ve pretty much avoided all the Mass Effect that wasn’t the games.  The comics, the error ridden novels, the ipad games, or any of the other stuff that came out of it that wasn’t the game.  Some of it made things confusing (Shepard killed a while shitload of Bartarians?  When did that happen?) but for the most part, it seemed like the correct decision, especially considering the reports I heard of their quality.  Still, a Mass Effect anime, that could be tempting.

I say “could” because while it’s theoretically possible that an anime based on Mass Effect could tempt me into the muddy waters of the extended universe, this is not going to be the one to do it.  This one’s about the back story if James Vega, the most ridiculously boring character the series has ever known.  I would rather listen to Ashley Williams talk about her family’s military history for hours before listening to James talk about anything.  His back story is the least appealing plot line a series could be about, even if they do bring Mr. Michelle Gellar back to choice him.

Although, if I were completely honest, I don’t care at all about the past.  I beat that story.  I want something new.  But considering how crazy different the universe would be if you chose a different ending than me, and how Bioware has already stated that there is no canon ending, that’s pretty much impossible.

In addition to that complaint, well, I just don’t think it looks very good.  Kotaku’s got some concept at, but it just seems wrong .  Vega looks like the stood meathead that he is, that’s fine.  But look at the Krogan.  Why does he look like that?  Why does he have a pointy chin?  I hate it. Not as much as I hate the Dragon Age anime , but lord it’s not good.

From Joystiq