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Don’t Worry Vita, You Can Have a Monster Hunter Too

If you want to get technical about it, the Vita already has a Monster Hunter, in the form of one of the PSP games available on the digital market.  But that’s not moving systems.  The PSVita has been missing a proper PSVita version of Monster Hunter, and the 3DS, had been reaping the rewards.  So, now, finally, Monster Hunter: Frontier G has been announced for the system

But wait, don’t get too excited yet.  The fact that you’re reading this in English means you’re probably not Japanese.  Right now Monster Hunter: Frontier G has only been announced in Japan.  The fact that it’s the only title available for the Vita suggests it may make the move to the West, but the the same game’s also been announced for the PS3 and WiiU for a while now, and there’s been no news about those versions moving over.  So who knows?  Just start wishing really hard.

Monster Hunter is Really Embracing Nintendo Now

Yesterday we saw a Link costume for Monster Hunter 4, now we get Mario and Luigi costumes for the cat companions. Seems like Monster Hunter might be going all in on Nintendo. I have to expect that their American sales have been higher on Nintendo systems. Not that the PSP had/has done well at all in North America. Now you can have a whole Nintendo themed monster hunting party. We’ll soon have people asking to hunt in Princess Peach’s dress, but it’s going to get dirty from all those dung bombs you throw around. No one wants a dirty dress.

Monster Hunter 4 Wins With Link Costume

For everyone that was only a Link costume away from actually wanting to play Monster Hunter, they have given you a Link costume. Only in Japan and on the 3DS, you might get a few converters, but Monster Hunter doesn’t need help in Japan. Now, an American release with a Link will certainly be helpful in getting new hunters, but then seeing 4 Links in multiplayer will be a little weird.

The Monster Hunter 4 Opening Cinematic Americans May Never See

To be honest, it will probably get localized, Monster Hunter is still somewhat popular… I think… I hope. I mean, it’s the same as the other games, but we want more monsters and more locations, and tiny cat people helping us. Yup, all that. Now only in Japan… or China. I don’t know.

Monster Hunter 4 Continues to Monster Hunt

It’s getting to be a tough sell. What does this Monster Hunter give me, trailer?
“Well.. monster hunting. And a village of assorted characters that assist you in monster hunting.”
So, pretty much like every other Monster Hunter?
“Well… yes. But we’ve also got… boats?”
Again, a lot like previous Monster Hunters.
“Yes, but it’s… you know what, you? The title’s got a 4 at the end of it. Do you really think we’re aiming at a whole new market here? This trailer says ‘Hey, you, person who already owns eight different versions of Monster Hunter! Here’s a ninth version you can get! Even more monsters!’ That’s it. That’s all we’re trying to do! And I’d appreciate if you could get off my back about it!”
Umm… fair enough.

Monster Hunter 4 Trailer – More Cats, Fewer Penis-Head Dragons

Good news, if you want to hunt more monsters, that wish had been granted.  Bad news, if the monsters your want to hunt are Penis Head Dragons, you are out of luck.  There are a whole new set of monsters here, and none of them seem to have phallic bits on their head.  There’s one that looks like a really big bug, and one with a giant second chin that can swallow you whole, like a, giant purple worm, and a couple of your more standard dragon looking guys, but absolutely none of them have throbbing erections jutting from their head areas. Sorry.

China Only Monster Hunter Online

I understand very little about the idea of having a China only game, the off continent home of pirating. Monster Hunter must be just as popular in China or else this seems foolhardy. Or maybe I just really want to play Monster Hunter on my PC. Oh if only North America liked Monster Hunter more…

Monster Hunter Joins the Home Shopping Game

Because sometimes you just don’t have time to fight the same monster fifteen times in a row, hoping he’ll drop some sort of magic frill, here’s the Monster Hunter Shopping Network. Instead of grinding the same monsters over and over, trying to collect enough lizard bones or whatever, just flip on the TV, wait for the item you’re working on to show up, and call ‘em up. Presto. Giant sword headed right for your door, no fuss involved.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Trailer – Now Featuring Penis Head Dragon

Sure, maybe they’ve pretty much sold you this game twice before, and now they’d like to sell it to you two more times (cause what’s the point of even owning a WiiU version without the 3DS version? None. None, I tell you!) but they’ve made some improvements. Like glowing penis head dragon here. That’s worth the price of admission right there.

Unless he was in the last game. I didn’t make it that far, because I’m terrible at Monster Hunting. If he was in the last game, well, disregard everything I’ve said. And let’s just giggle at that dragon. It’s so phallic. He’s a teenage girl in a schoolgirl uniform away from an episode of La Blue Girl. Eww.

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate Gets Release Date

So while this is just a rehashed trailer the latest Monster Hunter, it does give us an actual date, March 19th in North America. Why did I make this is a separate post? Because now I only have two weeks between SimCity and Monster Hunter. I’m going to be playing these games so sporadically.