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Fox Shamelessly Uses Recut Version of Viral Video Hit

Video has been relocated after the jump, because it keeps autoplaying, and I can’t stop it.

First, I love Ylvis and their Fox song. I play it at least once a day. But I don’t love Fox using it for promotional purposes. Mostly because I’m not sure many people will understand what is going on with the random “fox” noises. I haven’t watch a Fox show in a long while and this won’t change that. At least the song will get around to more people. Go find it. Watch it. Love it.

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Hardest Animal Crossing Rap You Can Find

Just because you don’t need a hardcore rap about Animal Crossing, doesn’t mean there shouldn’t be a hardcore rap about Animal Crossing. People are loving Animal Crossing, and some of the world like hardcore rap (this may or may not actually be hardcore), they should go together. KK Slider shouldn’t be the only music coming out.

Song I Hate Made Worse Even With Pokemon

I absolutely hate this song. I loathe it. I probably hate Robin Thicke because of it. Yup, I do. No I hate this guy for making a parody of it, the music video, and adding in Pokemon. And he’s the only one in it, so I have to blame him. And blame him I shall. STOP IT! I hate you.

This is the Backyard Smash Bros Music Video You Always Wanted

I don’t think I could’ve done better here. They got most of the cool characters and pretty faithful costumes for everyone. Hot chick in most of the costumes earns cool points, too. I was unaware of a Boswer costume that I kind of now want.

Game of Thrones Characters Rap at Kids Birthday Party

Yup, birthday party is the best place to sing about what happens in Game of Thrones. Geek parents are probably having a hard time not teaching the awesomeness of Game of Thrones to their kids. They really can’t be sharing it. Are there parents out there watching this with their kids? There’s more than one topic that’s not appropriate.

Music Video Makes Nostalgia A Mental Disease and Fixes It

A cool little animated music video that remarkably sounds like Last Christmas, which might not be far off. In Remember When, we remember when things were better, mostly because we were kids and we didn’t know better. Also, how worse things are when you grow up. It mixes awkward nostalgia with mixed feelings on being older. Moral of the story: keep your childhood.

Batman vs Superman Still One Sided Despite Music Video

Nope, Superman should still win. Don’t know why this is an issue. I’m not a Superman fan, I actually prefer Batman. But come on, Superman is an indestructible alien most of the time. Batman is a frail human. Even with Kryptonite thrown in, Superman has escaped Kryptonite situations before, so why is this one different? It’s not. Live with it.

Someone Tries to Make Navi Not Sound Annoying

Not possible you say? Well, you’d be right. Nothing can make us like that thing. Navi will probably be hated for all eternity. Or at least when she talks. Anyway, here’s a somewhat annoying song accompanied by better animation.

NES Montage Gets Me Pumped

Wii U Virtual Console has me excited for some old games, as soon as I’m done with my new ones. This music video has nothing to do with that, but many of your favorite games make an appearance. Enjoy.

Two Guys Sing About Nintendo With Unbridled Passion

As if Bohemian Rhapsody wasn’t an already awesome song, two guys try to make it more awesome by making it about their journey through playing old school Nintendo games. You can judge if they are successful or not, but you can’t knock them for not trying hard enough. The green-screened Nintendo cartridge puppets were a nice addition if only for being adorable.