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The Tecmo Bowl Song Is Great

About every gamer scared to play sports games. This must be an anthem for someone. Just a good ole time with SPORTS!

Fox Meets Wolverine in Parody With Awesome Ending

You’re not going to believe that the ending is that could when it starts, but it is. It’s actually a long way to go for the particular joke that happens, but you’ll like it. At the very least, I got that song stuck in your head again.

Fox Shamelessly Uses Recut Version of Viral Video Hit

Video has been relocated after the jump, because it keeps autoplaying, and I can’t stop it.

First, I love Ylvis and their Fox song. I play it at least once a day. But I don’t love Fox using it for promotional purposes. Mostly because I’m not sure many people will understand what is going on with the random “fox” noises. I haven’t watch a Fox show in a long while and this won’t change that. At least the song will get around to more people. Go find it. Watch it. Love it.

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This Transformers Band Knows How to Get Attention

The Cybertronic Spree is a great name for this band. If you remember Polyphonic Spree, you’ll recognize the nod and note how the bands are nothing alike (Polyphonic had a full choir, whereas these guys have trouble singing). The costumes are pretty amazing. I want to make a Blur version for myself. I talk almost as fast as him. Can’t run as fast as him anymore. Damn my knees.

Good News, Killer Instinct Theme Is Still Awesome

It’s a worry that plagues you often, I know.  You’ll be walking down the street and suddenly struck with an incredible terror. “What if the theme to Killer Instinct wasn’t as awesome as twelve year old me thought?  What if it was actually terrible, and I was just a dumb pre-teen?!”  It’s possible.  You were wrong about the X-Men and Spider-Man cartoons being good.  You could be wrong abut this!

But worry no longer!  This cover of the Killer Instinct theme by On Being Human confirms “Yeah, it’s still pretty cool.”  Weight off your mind, I know.

Vanessa Carlton Played Over GTA Piano Car Mod

I find this hilarious. If you watch Vanessa Carlton’s A Thousand Miles, she’s basically being driven down a road the whole time. Now, add in the the visual of the piano car, it’s golden. You get the gag right away, but if you want to see some piano on car mayhem keep watching.

Star Wars Songs Redone With YouTube Stars

One last holdover from Geek Week last week, we see one popular and one not as popular YouTube star performing various scores from the Star Wars series. I feel its better when you can hear the violin. Some of the leveling sounds weird. But based on the end part it seems like they were trying to showcase the male singer. But let’s be honest, you watch this for Lindsey Sterling, the female violinist. The way she moves is hypnotizing. I am currently writing this while hypnotized. I am under Lindsey Sterling’s “hip”-nosis. Whoa, I’m out of it now. What did I type? What did I write that terrible pun?!?!

Stephen Colbert Dances With Other Celebrities

In some weird, Daft Punk canceled at the last minute or did they sort of thing, Stephen Colbert danced to their song. MTV has some sort of exclusivity rights to Daft Punk appearances, but Comedy Central booked them anyway. Now I’m confused because I’m pretty sure this is just clips from other shows. If this was a last minute cancellation there’s no way that he was able to whip this up this quickly. Though he did cram some of my favorite people together. And the Rockettes.

Song I Hate Made Worse Even With Pokemon

I absolutely hate this song. I loathe it. I probably hate Robin Thicke because of it. Yup, I do. No I hate this guy for making a parody of it, the music video, and adding in Pokemon. And he’s the only one in it, so I have to blame him. And blame him I shall. STOP IT! I hate you.

Game of Thrones Theme on Flaming Unicycle Bagpipes

The only way this becomes more extreme-slash-epic, is if they didn’t do this in a parking lot. In fact, any other space would make this more extreme-slash-epic. Maybe some actual camera work. Don’t get me wrong, this is totally extreme-slash-epic.