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Happy Hour Game Time – NFL Blitz Ruins Friendships

In what is almost a beat for beat repeat of NBA Jam, four friends try to play NFL Blitz together. I could go better. The game really favors heavy blitzing. Oh, and its very difficult to get an interception. It’s not the like the real NFL.

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Happy Hour Game Time – NBA Jam

Here is the latest in my improv troupe’s endeavors: Happy Hour Game Time. You may remember Mark and Anthony from Friendly Fire, our Dungeons & Dragons podcast. Well, Chip joins us as we play some games including a more epic than necessary game of NBA Jam.

You need to watch all the way to the end of the video to see how epic it got.

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Some Edited Cursing into NBA Jam

Nothing quite like ruining something we cared about when we were kids. Mostly anyone who has played this game is grown up by now so that holds true. NBA Jam may have had cursing, but the announcer never did. Well, they fixed that for you. Totally, fake by the way, in case you didn’t know.

Blake Griffin in NBA Jam

I enjoy Blake Griffin for his ridiculous car commercials. And I guess his dunking. I like what they did with this video. It’s short, so watch the whole thing, and miss old school NBA Jam.

New NFL Blitz Even More Like NBA Jam

All the info you really need is in the video in all its boring interview form. The excitement should be had for an easy to access addition to the crazy sports game franchise! Hope they bring back tackle waterfalls.

Downloadable from Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network starting on January 3rd of next year, the game will only be $14.99 and if I had either system would definitely be playing. Maybe I’ll find someone who did and play. Good times.


Moneyball Parody Makes Fun of Yankees

Really a brilliant parody combining marginal success Moneyball with amazingly large success the New York Yankees. However, I don’t think this particularly fits the flavor of the blog, so I posted another sports parody below, combining NBA Jam with the NBA lockout.