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NBC Gets a Constantine Series, and It’s From David Goyer, Because Screw You, Internet


That’s right.  Because the news that NBC was gonna take another crack a live action Constantine, despite the awesome critical response that the Keanu Reeves movie received just wasn’t enough to send the internet into a raging frenzy, they’ve decided to let the internet’s favorite whipping boy David Goyer write the pilot.  So, get ready for that pilot to find a theme it likes and run it into the ground.  So hardcore.  If the show wants you to believe commercialism is bad, expect to hear some variation of the word “commercialism” used more than 400 times in the 42 minutes the show has available.  Subtlety is not this man’s strong suit. 

But to be fair, who else were they going to hire?  DC’s entire rolodex for screen writers is a beat up card saying “David Goyer” and a card in Christopher Nolan’s handwriting that just says “My Brother.”  Not a lot of options there.

From Comingsoon

Canceled NBC Show Stars Sing at Tony Awards

You got stars from New Normal, Smash, and Go On singing with Neil Patrick Harris at the Tony Awards. Three shows I never watched. They then proceed to talk about the positives and negatives of television. I don’t know how live theatre is better, because money-wise it probably isn’t. Probably not in other ways either. They should probably just make better TV shows.

More Glorious Community Returnings

Yesterday, I posted the first Community animated webisode. Now they lay this on us. They really know how to hype you. I am super-hyped!

NBC Plans Office Spinoff To be Next Joey

Hey, everyone! Remember Joey? Remember how it failed pretty spectacularly? Anyone else remember how spinoffs have not been successful for quite a number of years (I’m looking at you, That 80′s Show). Well NBC is going to take another crack at it.

Rainn Wilson’s character, Dwight, is in talks to get his own spinoff where a possible plot line is returning to the family beet farm (someone else confirm that that’s a thing). Cause if there is anything we need is more shows about farming. I think Walking Dead covered us on most of that and I can fill in the blanks with dilithium farming in Star Trek Online.

Via Entertainment Weekly

American Ninja Warrior Probably Worse American Version of Ninja Warrior

American Ninja Warrior is moving to NBC to play with the big boys. I haven’t seen the American version yet, but I believe it is time to follow in the footsteps of Iron Chef, Wipeout, Hole in the Wall, and Silent Library. I have no doubt that this will lose its charm at the hands of American producers.

To prove my point here’s the before and after of Silent Library. I dare anyone to say that the second one is better than the first one. I DARE YOU!

Conan O’Brien Classy Guy

In a testament to goodwill on both of their parts, Conan O’Brien appeared on the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Some really good awkwardness was shared and laughs were had. It really shows how classy Conan is by showing that they are still friends, he just hates NBC. Probably. That’s just me guessing but I’m usually a good guesser. Like that time Old Man Jenkins put that dog on top of the lawnmower, totally predicted that the dog would become CEO of Planters Peanuts. He’s made his way to the top!