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Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Is Pretty Much The Most Exciting Zelda In a Decade

I don’t want to be the “Older is better” guy.  I like new things.  But since Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask (which are, admittedly, just the best) I’ve not been feeling it with the Zeldas.  Wind Waker is beautiful, but that’s about it.  Twilight Princess is just… sometimes you’re a dog.  And that last one… I can’t even remember what it’s called.  It wasn’t great.  Stupid motion controls.  Ruining everything.

But this.  Old school Zelda.  Nearly the oldest school Zelda.  Link to the Past is probably the most beloved of the Zeldas.  And it’s back, and it’s so much that game.  Everything we love about Link to the Past is recreated and it’s just wonderful to see.  Just watching this video fills me with happy.  I just wish it wasn’t so far away.  Well, whatever, got Pokemon to kill the time until then.

Wii Party U Trailer – Because, Be Honest, What Else Are You Doing With the WiiU?

You know damn well that the most use your WiiU is going to get is running party games.  And since you’re all pretty much done with Nintendoland, it’s probably just about time for another one.  So, now, Wii Party U. Hopefully right around the time you’ve gotten sick of these games they’ll have another one ready to go.

Oh, also, hopefully they won’t make half the games single player only.  What the hell, Nintendoland?  Who thought that was a good plan?

Best Looking Charizard Pokemon Yet

It’s a black Charizard! He spits blue flame! There has never been anything more amazing than anything ever. No lets have a gold Blastoise and an purple Venusaur and it will complete the awkward triumvirate of Mega Pokemon starters. Oh it’s a Pokemon X exclusive, eh? Well, I guess I know which copy is about to sell higher now.

It’s Kirby! Kirby Is Back!

Let’s be honest, Kirby’s Epic Yarn is a great game, but it’s not Kirby.   It’s a completely different game that they just jammed Kirby in at the last second to help sell.  We want some classic Kirby action.  And that’s what we’re getting in this new Kirby 3DS.  Hot Kirby Action.  Yeah.  This is getting a little creepy now.  Let’s just enjoy Kirby.

Sonic Returns to Smash Brothers

Worried that the last Smash Brothers was the last time you were going to be able to play as that super annoying blue hedgehog in a Smash Brothers game? Worry no longer, he’s totally in there. And he’s sure to be just amazingly irritating. Cause that’s pretty much his whole thing.

Wii U Party Latest Minigame Hoedown from Nintendo

Yup, just a bunch of minigames to sell more remotes. Something that may or may not be cool, is forcing you to play a few games on the gamepad only. No need for giant TV. Just play on your coffee table. For whatever reason. I’m sure somebody will buy this. Not exactly sure who, though.

New Kirby Game Head For the 3DS

Kriby’s yarn game was a little different than the norm. Here’s a full return to Kirby with the new Donkey Kong Country feel. I’m really excited for some of the design choices here. However, Kirby looks a slow as a marshmallow rolling off an uneven table. Is he plodding so slowly so we can see the environments? It’s just a shame, because you juxtapose this to the new Super Mario trailer and this falls flat. It’s not even named yet. We’ll have to wait on this. And by wait, I mean I may not play it, of course.

I Was Wrong About Super Mario 3D World

I was previously completely uninterested in another Mario game. Until I saw this footage from Nintendo Direct today. Super Mario 3D World looks much more refreshing and innovative than other trailers had suggested. Cool new power-ups, ability to grab and use blocks as weapons, and three dimensional levels that are for more engaging than any side-scrolling Mario has. Because I want to see what the cherries do, I might be picking this up.

Nintendo should pay for this pure praise. This is only praise. I should say something mean… uh… uh… there’s no Sonic. Not that’s not genuine…

Come On, Pokemon, You Can’t Ask Me to Make These Decisions!

So Pokemon Y is the one with the MewTwo that grows a handle when he goes Super Saiyan, but Pokemon X is the one with the Forest Spirit from Princess Mononoke?  Why would you make me make that decision?  What sort of mad men are you that you force that choice?  This is Green Goblin “Mary Jane or a busfull of children” crap.  I won’t put up with it.  You’re crazy to make me choose.  That’s insane troll logic.

Monster Hunter is Really Embracing Nintendo Now

Yesterday we saw a Link costume for Monster Hunter 4, now we get Mario and Luigi costumes for the cat companions. Seems like Monster Hunter might be going all in on Nintendo. I have to expect that their American sales have been higher on Nintendo systems. Not that the PSP had/has done well at all in North America. Now you can have a whole Nintendo themed monster hunting party. We’ll soon have people asking to hunt in Princess Peach’s dress, but it’s going to get dirty from all those dung bombs you throw around. No one wants a dirty dress.