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Thief Trailer – Not Going to Be The Same

Don’t play this game expecting the same old experience from the 90s. They are totally going to mess with it based on current trends. Thief may have been one of the greatest games ever, get ready for the greatest amount of mixed emotions ever. I reserve this judgment until I see gameplay.

Oh, and you have wait until February 25th to be disappointed.

Final Fantasy VII Fan Web Series Ready to Disappoint

I don’t think anyone really wants this. They may say they want this, but they don’t. Lets not help these people raise an obscene amount of money for something you will hate when you see it. That’s right it’s a Kickstarter. For live-action movie/webseries. Of Final Fantasy VII. With no official Square-Enix support. It doesn’t look bad, but it’s a 2-minute teaser. Most amount of comments are centered around how Barrett is not big enough and his gun is too large. I didn’t hear any of them complaining last night. HEY-OOOOOOOO!

30 Minutes Behind the Scenes of Buffy

That’s some well survived VHS footage (or some sort of tape). If you want to go back and see some interesting behind the scenes stuff from the stunt director’s camera, here you go. You can see some of your favorite stars like Sarah Michelle Gellar and David Boreanaz having fun while not shooting or while shooting as well as all the stunt look-a-likes. Good times.

Troy McClure Supercut Makes You Nostalgic

I don’t think this is all of his movies. It also leaves out the movies mentioned during his marriage to Selma episode. Still makes for nice trip down memory lane.

Music Video Makes Nostalgia A Mental Disease and Fixes It

A cool little animated music video that remarkably sounds like Last Christmas, which might not be far off. In Remember When, we remember when things were better, mostly because we were kids and we didn’t know better. Also, how worse things are when you grow up. It mixes awkward nostalgia with mixed feelings on being older. Moral of the story: keep your childhood.

IGN Fondly Remembers LucasArts

Lots of dismay across the internet and world about the loss of LucasArts this week. Well, IGN made sure to make you feel worse about it by making this nostalgic romp through the decades past. I’m going to try and find a playable copy of Full Throttle. I think that was my favorite.

Game of Thrones Throwback from the 90s

I hope this becomes a trend. I’m digging these redone opening as if they are fantasy shows from the 90s. This one is Game of Thrones and is wildly off-tone with the original material. This is great. More please.

School House Rock is Better With Star Wars

Everything is usually better with Star Wars, at least old Star Wars. If the mashed up Clone Wars episodes with this School House Rock song I wouldn’t be nearly as excited or impressed or telling you about it. Here you go, relive multiple parts of your childhood.

Stop Motion X-Men Cartoon Opening is Welcome Nostalgia

Just a trip down memory lane. X-men was an excellent example of something great for kids only to sell toys, but also remembering what the 90s were like. No we redo it with stop motion toys. It’s cyclical.

Vektropolis – Relive 80s Graphics With New Game

Just like Bond played an unusually stupid game in Never Say Never Again, just like most of the terminals in War Games, and just like pretty much everything in Tron, you can relive all your favorite outdated graphics packages in Vektropolis. It plays how you think and looks even more like your thinking and comes out in December. Time to take it to the Lawnmower Man’s older uncle.