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The Starving Games Trailer – Because Gangnam Style, Right?

For a few moments The Starving Games seems to have an idea about what it’s doing.  It’s a parody of The Hunger Games, and it’s mostly making jokes about The Hunger Games.  They’re not good jokes, but they are jokes about the premise.  That’s a huge leap forward.

Predictably, however, they quickly spiral down into the standard “Just put whatever was popular when we were writing the script” bit.  So expect a lot of Psy, a lot of Angry Birds, maybe a bit of The Avengers, and The Hobbit, all just  randomly inserted into the film with no justification, because… look, it’s that popular thing.  Isn’t that hilarious?  No… not really.

Honest Trailers Does After Earth, Confirming That At Least Someone Saw That Movie

Most of the world kind of agreed that we were done with the whole Jaden Smith deal right around the time that After Earth happened, so we weren’t able to see the exciting story of Cypher Raige hanging out on future Earth that was totally Earth and not just an attempt to recreate Pandora. But that’s a bummer, because, really, look how terrible it seems! Someone needs to watch it and tell us all the most hilariously bad bits (beyond, you know, a character named Cypher Raige) so we can all laugh at the terrible without having to subject ourselves to it. Thankfully, along comes Honest Trailers to make that happen. We can all laugh at the future eagle that apparently forgot how to survive in it’s own environment for story purposes, without having to watch a movie where a future eagle forgets how to live in it’s own environment. Best of both worlds, really.

Bizarre King of the Hill Pokemon Mashup

I don’t know how someone came up with this. In no amount of time would I have combined King of the Hill with Pokemon and then come up with this. Some impeccable impersonations as well. I think they are impersonations. There’s some weird stuff if to grab from show audio. Either way is a lot of work.

Play the Freaks and Geeks Home Game

There wasn’t a whole lot of Freaks & Geeks for you to watch. Maybe that can be fixed with this choose your own adventure version where there’s clearly one wrong answer in each choice. But it’s still fun reliving a parodied version of the show that didn’t get a chance. And everyone looks weird.

I Don’t Know That All These Pokemon Facts Are Accurate

Some of them, sure. I mean, that thing about the man that carries you around? Makes sense. And Bidoof? Obviously. But most of them? I dunno. Also, he says Pokemon funny. That’s not how you say it, guy.

Guillermo del Toro’s Treehouse of Horror Intro Is Guaranteed to Be Better Than Anything That Follows It

We’re all pretty much over The Simpsons, and mostly for good reasons, like the fact that they’re pulling this “Who’s gonna die this season?” bullshit. It was stupid over a decade ago, the rapid decline of the show since then doesn’t make it any less stupid. It’s just seems less stupid in comparison to all the other bullshit they’ve been pulling.

But still, this opening for this year’s Treehouse of Horror, from Guillermo del Toro, is good enough that you can just forget about the last decade and a half of The Simpsons for a few minutes. It’s the classic Simpsons opening, except redone to jam just all the horror movie references ever in there, and it’s delightful. It may lean a little heavy on the del Toro, with Hellboy and Pan’s Labyrinth and Blade being pretty heavily represented, but, you know, it’s alright, because those movies are the shit.

Lets Throw Some Street Fighter into Plants vs Zombies

Sure. Why not? Because no property should go un-mashed-up. Street Fighter characters taking the place of the plants in Plants vs Zombies? Sounds like a great idea. And lets have Blanka be super explosive. Big party over here!

Pumpkin Spice Movie Trailer Shows the Fear of the Fall Season

Pumpkin Spice is everywhere in the fall. EVERYWHERE. Let’s dramatize that. Are you afraid of the seasonal flavor? Nope. I love it. And I know fellow poster MeowSkywalker at some point is going to make pumpkin muffins. It warms my heart and my stomach.

And Now Breaking Bad is Combined With Walking Dead

This is great for a lot of reasons. I’m not going to list them. Just appreciate Breaking Bad and Walking Dead together. Also lament the lost opportunity of the greatest crossover episode ever. They’re both on AMC for crying out loud.

The Glorious Running Man and Hunger Games Mashup Musical

I love The Running Man. Saw it when I was 8, fell in love when they started yelling “Chico!” and Chico’s head exploded. I watched the tail end of Hunger Games and wondered why there were replicated dogs running around. I will fight tooth and nail to say Running Man is the better movie, but why not let this song tell you for me. A little NSFW…