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Fox Meets Wolverine in Parody With Awesome Ending

You’re not going to believe that the ending is that could when it starts, but it is. It’s actually a long way to go for the particular joke that happens, but you’ll like it. At the very least, I got that song stuck in your head again.

Clever and Silly Twist on High School Love Story

Substitute awkward high school romance with an alien and a little bit of WTF? and you get Glorgon’s Girl. Now it says “fake trailer”, but I imagine this would sell well if they developed it further. They’d need some pretty heady stuff to make it full length, which might outside their skillset, but work on it, dammit!

Dark Knight Cuter as 8-Bit Video Games

No one is going to accuse you of thinking that The Dark Knight is cute. No one. But you make 8-Bit (and really a lot of is 16-bit), then you have an adorable little killing spree. I say that because a lot of people died in Dark Knight. But their sprites here, so its okay.

The Honest Trailers’ Take On World War Z is Pretty Much What You Expect

It’s Honest Trailers.  You’ve figured this out by now.  That guy’s gonna do his deep voice, and point out some logical inconsistencies, some plot issues and maybe some adaptation decay.  Maybe you’ll giggle a bit, and you’ll feel bad about the parts of the movie that could have been better.  All in all, a decent use of three minutes of your life.

Fake Grand Theft Auto V Review Too Good to be Real

It’s not real, by the way. Just a fancy, obvious parody that is going to get them lots of views. And I’m helping. Go realty!

Aladdin Song Makes a Fancy Statement on DLC

I’m not sure what possessed someone to make this video, but I believe it’s a common sentiment amongst the internet users with loose trigger fingers on their keyboards. A clever little parody on a dated song from an old Disney movie that insults something only some people hate. Welcome to the Internet.

Surprised Mad X-Men Did Not Exist Before

One of those, “Jeez, wish I thought of that” moments. It’s a sort-of portmanteau, definitely a twisted version of before and after. It plays fine enough, probably better if I had seen more Mad Men. The movie tie-ins aren’t really necessary, but there’s some fun here. At least until you realize you should have done this years ago yourself.

Jimmy Fallon Does Breaking Bad Parody

The premise is a bit of a stretch, but I give credit to them for faithfully recreating a lot of the shows most iconic moments. Kudos as well on all those cameos. With NBC’s budget, Jimmy Fallon seems to be doing some ambitious things.

Stick It to Social Media With Rockstar’s Life Invader

You know how you hate social media, and complain about it constantly? Often complaining about social media on the social media that you hate, but for some reason use eighteen hours a day? Well, RockStar kind of hates it too, so they’ve created Lifeinvader, the social media of Grand Theft Auto V Five, which you can now sign up for. It’s kind of almost exactly like Facebook, except the constant advertisements are intentionally shitty. Sign up, and enjoy mocking your oh so hated social media for a few moments, before going back to see if anyone Liked that funny comment you made about Grumpy Cat.

Conan Redubs Voices in Diablo III

It starts off strong, but dwindles near the end. Glad they could find some humor in Diablo 3, a lot of other people can’t. Some really creative use of machinima even if it devolves into somersaulting and grunting. Thanks for the effort, Conan.