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Further Proof that Lightsabers Make Everything Better

I think the rest of my posts today are going to be game trailer related, so I’d thought I’d give you something else first: Lightsabers! Les Mis! Both together at last. Not that either need help making each other awesome, but both together is great. It’s like the first guy that made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time. People knew they were great on their own, but BAM! Better sandwich. I guesss what I’m trying to say is that Lightsaber Les Miserables is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

The GTA V Five Musical Covers Precisely Why You’re Excited for GTA V Five

Admittedly it starts out a little sexist, with women being portrayed as whiny buzzkills who don’t understand this new fangled “gaming” thing.  But it gets better, covering pretty much why every one, regardless of gender should be ecstatic about the release of this game next week.

Stupid next week.  Why do you have to be so far away from me?

My Little Pony Brony Toy Commercial

Why be just a Brony when you can own a toy of other Bronies like yourself? We haven’t been posting much My Little Pony news lately, and we’re sorry. I know posting this only makes things worse for you My Little Pony superfans, but we are afraid if we kept watching we might end up a manager at Costco. We don’t want to work at Costco.

Fancy Video Game Animation Making A Viral Face

This little animation took a little while to get going, but it’s really hitting all the internets now. Really smooth animation mixed in with all the tropes from fighting and beat em up games you can handle. The only thing missing was the female enemies in punk rock gear. I believe that was a staple through all of the early nineties. Or I only played Streets of Rage.

First Person Parkour Is Just as Nauseating As Mirror’s Edge Implies

Oh.  Oh no.  Ugh.  Oooooohhh!  Oof!  Oh god, no no no no no no no!  Whoaaaah!  Uck.  Eww.  No no no nonono!  Whaaaah-ooooh!  What the fu-nonononono-oh.  Okay.  Why?!  No! Stop! You’re gonna… oh, alright.

Part 4 of Mario Warfare Heads to Smash Club

I had to barrel through an obvious and lame tribute to Fight Club, but after that, there was some fun jokes and trope parodies in here. This one seems more fun-centric than plot advancement, but enjoy the ride, it’s Mario Warfare!

First How To Make Nintendo 2DS Video

I kind of want a 2DS, only because I don’t have a 3DS yet and this is quite a bit cheaper. Not as great for travel, but I hardly play while traveling anymore. I could always make my own just like Francis did. It’s a bit more expensive though, so keep that in mind.

Mario Opera is Oddly Hypnotic in a Musical Way

+5 points for creating an opera based on our favorite plumber, Mario. -2 points for making it not sound like an opera. +3 points for fully costuming your chorus and band. -4 points for a terrible recording of the audio, I’m sure they sound much better in person, but I can’t be sure. +1 point for putting yourself out there. That’s 3 points in the positive direction, I’ll give it to them. Go Mario Opera!

Blanka Troll Creators Make Chun Li is Jealous

I absolutely love the Blanka is a Troll webseries, they are evolving greater than before. Now they have rolled out Chun Li is jealous, where she beats up other women. This one is especially cool because you don’t always see how they would have fallen without Chun Li here. Some good editing. The last one is easily the best. Enjoy a jealous Chun Li.

Pacific Rim Gets the How It Should Have Ended Treatment

I have neglected to see Pacific Rim yet, so I did not watch this video I am blindly posting. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy it. It’s by How It SHould Have Ended, they haven’t done wrong lately. Give at shot. Or don’t. Depends if you’ve seen it or not.