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Phantasy Star Online 2 Trailer – Finally In English

Well, not really. We’ve been sitting through Japanese trailers for this game for months. So they finally decide to announce it for America. Then they release a trailer. And there’s no speaking. And the only words are the title screen at the end. This could be a trailer released in Japan, for all we know. Nothing about this trailer tells me it’s finally coming to America. Stupid useless announcement trailer. Announce something.

Anyway, it is. the game will be made available in America. So don’t bother importing the Japanese version. You’ll be able to kill monsters and enhance your MAG without needing to learn Japanese. Assuming that they still have MAGs. I haven’t played the series in years. But they better have MAGs. That was my favorite part. You’d be like, “Here, MAG, have some candy” and it would be all, “Now I have bright pink wings!” Well how did that happen? You’re so weird, MAG. But the next time you fought something it would start shooting with some sort of pulse weapon. Hell yeah. Way to go, MAG.