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Scout Troopers, AT-STs, Ewoks, All Available In Pinball Form

Because pinball games just don’t include enough Endor, Zen Studios’ is here to solve that issue.  Finally Pinball includes all the hover bikes and lightsaber battles and Ewoks that it’s always been missing.  You’ll be able to do all the Endor Pinballing you want.

And yes, I know it’s not actually Endor, but the Forest Moon of Endor.  But, well, close enough, right?

Marvel Pinball Looks Cool Sounds Awful

I like the idea of earning superhero after superhero to summon them to individually fight World War Hulk, which obviously is a bad idea because it’s World War Hulk. You should everyone. Literally everyone. The downside is the awful-sounding voiceover work for World War Hulk himself. I don’t approve. Sounds a bit like Duke Nukem voice actor. Duke’s voice should stay with Duke, shouldn’t go on the Hulk. Hulk is all out of bubblegum.