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Robot Chicken Trailers Are Crazier Than Actual Show

There are so many things that I want more details on, like why velociraptors are Steven Seagal-ing two humans. But then there are other things that confuse me and wish I hadn’t seen like Krypto trying to get neutered. Seems pretty futile given all of the Superman potency jokes, something about Lois getting torn apart by a shotgun. Krypto probably has that same problems with the bitches (female dogs). Anyway, Robot Chicken is coming back soon.

Aquaman’s Kind of Useless, Also, Have You Tried This Airplane Food?

Seth Green’s on Conan to promote the Robot Chicken DC Special, and talk turns to Aquaman because he’s an easy punching bag. Poor Aquaman. I mean, nothing they’re saying isn’t true, but we’ve all said it before. It’s getting to be a kind of a boring thing to do. Plus, they fixed Aquaman, sort of (if by “fixed” you mean “Copied Namor exactly”) and made him a kind of badass ruler of an undersea kingdom, and not just “That dude that talks to fish”. Though I do think Justice League missed out not having him on the show all the time. In Superfriends, they tried so hard to justify his existence, and every plan every villain came up with used some underwater component. Even if that component made no sense, they would jam it in there, so the Superfriends could say “Hey, Aquaman, you shut off those underwater pipes!” Why are there underwater pipes?! “Lex, Aquaman is feeling really down, so the next time you commit some villainy, could you make sure to include some underwater pipes? They don’t even have to do anything. Just make sure they’re there, so he can disrupt them.”

Oops, I started this condemning people for taking easy shots at Aquaman, and ended up taking easy shots at Aquaman. What happened? It’s too damn easy!

I Just Want Some Pants! A Decent Pair of Pants!

This here the preview for Robot Chicken’s DC Special, which actually includes no moment where anyone requests pants. But you can’t show an image of the Legion of Doom without my brain immediately going there. But what it does have is a bunch of other Robot Chicken DC jokes. And for the most part they’re not terrible. Robot Chicken has always been one of those “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks” shows, so they’ve had brilliant bits, but they’ve also had some really terrible skitches. Luckily, for the most part these all seem to range from “okay” to “pretty damn funny”. It’s never not funny to make fun of the uselessness of Aquaman. And using the power of flight to simulate an invisible jet just to make someone hurt themselves is just good mean humor at any time. Let’s have more of that.

And more pants! Solomon Grundy want pants too!

Weird Game Has You Leave Messages in Real World

Weird in the sense like Uplink made you think you were a hacker because you were actually using your computer to “hack” matches CodeRunner in that you use your phone do to clandestine stuff with it. Some stuff which could get you noticed by the government if it weren’t something as asinine as playing an alternate reality game.

And Robot Chicken is somehow involved.

I guarantee someone will get arrested playing this game.