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Sacha Baron Cohen Following Leslie Nielson and Rowan Atkinson

Just as Leslie Nielson made Spy Hard, and Rowan Atkinson made Johnny English (and I guess a sequel soon), Sacha Baron Cohen is going to spoof James Bond in his own movie. He will help write and star in it as the super spy’s dimwitted brother. Not quite clear yet is what kind of accent Cohen will use because at this point I’ve seen him play Kazakh, French, German, Italian, French again, and whatever the Dictator was. Arabic? We will go with that. He has dozens of British accents to choose from, lets how dimwitted and mentally handicapped he can make himself sound.


More People Will See Dictator Now For Anchorman Teaser

I guarantee that there were less people going to see The Dictator before today. Now there’s going to be a bunch of people going to get their Anchorman fix. Because and awkward rehash of an older character (Dictator is Borat in different clothes) needs the help of an awkward rehash of an older character (likely a less funny version of the original Anchorman). Yes, I’m skeptical, so what. I don’t really care about either of these movies. If you care, go see the damn movie then go see the other one. You don’t need me telling how good it will be, because I won’t tell you anyway. RAGE!

Via Entertainment Weekly

New Dictator Trailer Shows Actual Movie Plot, More Hope

So this new trailer for The Dictator shows a much more interesting plot than Sacha Baron Cohen just being a crazy character. Yes, he’s being a crazy character, but more within reason, and more so we don’t immediately hate him for being overly pretentious with his comedy. Actually, this movie feels an awful like an involuntary version of Don’t Mess with the Zohan. That’s not helping.

Sacha Baron Cohen Did What Academy Probably Feared

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This is totally what I pictured Sacha Baron Cohen doing when I heard he wanted to be on the red carpet at the Oscars. I didn’t actually picture him spilling fake Kim Jon Il ashes on Ryan Seacrest, but something to that effect. What I didn’t picture was that it would be this unfunny. Not offensive, just straight up unfunny. That’s one problem with live “pranks” (pranks put in quotations to protect actual pranks).

Sacha Baron Cohen Reacts to Oscar Ban

Remember when I told you Sacha Baron Cohen got banned from the Oscars, well he made this in response. The guy sure knows how to ruffle feathers, and in character, too. Guess he doesn’t care about going. And judging by his personality, I’ll wager he doesn’t care about going, I’ll straight up put money on that. Any takers?

Sacha Baron Cohen Banned at Oscars

You know Sacha Baron Cohen can’t stop performing, so after he proposed to the Academy Awards to come to the red carpet dressed as The Dictator in his upcoming movie The Dictator, they straight up banned him from the event unless they can be assured there will be no shenanigans.

But shenanigans are what Sacha Baron Cohen does best. And apparently star in some serious movies every once in a while, like Hugo or Sweeney Todd.

Man that’s an ugly beard. Hope you didn’t actually grow that because it’s ugly.

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Sacha Baron Cohen Continues Irreverance with The Dictator

I am not blown away by this trailer. Maybe because I’ve been over-saturated by Borat impersonations and then unimpressed with Bruno, and seeing as how Sacha Baron Cohen has a somewhat legitimate career going for him, I don’t understand this move. At first I thought it was some Charlie Chaplin remake, but I think it is too Cohen-y for that literal of translation. I don’t even know how to form an opinion on this, I just don’t care about his characters anymore.