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Josh Brolin Is Our Pre-Dwight Dwight


These Sin City castings just keep coming.  Following the news that JGL and Christopher Meloni would be joining next Sin City movie comes the big one.  The question we’ve all been asking, who would play the Pre-Surgically altered Dwight?  Sure, we’d all like Clive Owen to star in the movie (or, really, anything that isn’t the endless line of crap he’s been in lately) but it just doesn’t make sense, with all that talk of his “new face” in the last movie, we couldn’t car him, even if we wanted to ignore the comic.

So, instead, Josh Brolin.  Apparently having gotten a taste for playing previous versions of already established characters from Men in Black 3, he will do that again, with a less Clive Owen-y, less badass version of Dwight (seriously, he did some cool stuff near the end, but don’t be expecting the constant awesome that was Dwight in The Big Fat Kill) for the new movie.  That’s… Okay, I guess.  He doesn’t seem exactly right for the role, but if pressed, I dunno if I could have someone I would like more.  I think anyone that isn’t a slightly younger Clive Owen would probably be met with the same concern from me, so just as well, I guess.

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Listen, Dectective Stabler, You Are Not Going to Enjoy Sin City


It’s been a while since I watched SVU, but if there’s one thing I know about it it’s that Detective Stabler spends about ninety percent of his life imagining the terrible crimes he has to investigate happening to his family.  Ice-T can barely make a wildly insensitive crack before Stabler finds some way to link it to his family being abused.

So, his move to Sin City, a town that is mostly designed around awful people doing awful things to other awful people, may not be the best move.  You think New York is bad, man?  It’s Candyland compared to this city run by untouchable madmen, vicious mobsters and a literal army of whores.  This is not a good move for you, sanity-wise.

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We’re Not Falling for This Again, JGL

Despite the previous rumors that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would be starring in the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, he’s gone completely the opposite direction, signing up for the Sin City sequel instead. He hasn’t been cast as anyone we know, instead playing a “new character” in the Sin City world. Yeah, like we don’t know what that means. He’s gonna be Robin, isn’t he? Yeah. Don’t think you can trick us a second time. New character. Sure.

Dennis Haysbert Is Your New Manute


Sure, Michael Clarke Duncan was pretty much perfect as Manute in the first Sin City.  And his death is a huge loss to the series (and to the world in general, cause Michael Clarke Duncan is awesome) but we have to move on.  So, instead, why don’t we cast that Allstate guy instead?  Oh sure, I guess he’s also The Wire and 24 guy, but statistically you’ve probably seen him most often as the man providing the deep calming tones designed to hypnotize you into purchasing insurance from Allstate.  And soon he will be the man locked in an epic battle against Marv while trying to stop Dwight McCarthy (never a good plan).

Gail Coming Back to Sin City, James Bond’s Favorite CIA Agent a Crazy Old Man in Hunger Games

Rosario Dawson Sin City

Rosario Dawson confirmed she’s back for Sin City 2.  It’s not exactly “news” since we knew they were doing A Dame to Kill For, and Gail’s pretty important for that.  It’s more just “Oh, my god this is actually happening, oh my god, Sin City 2.”  The Dwight/Gail stories are my favorite, even over Marv’s insanity (although this features Marv as well, so, best of both worlds) so seeing that done is filling me with intense joy.  Now if they could just do Family Values.

Oh, shit, I just realized Michael Clarke Duncan just died.  Who’s gonna play Manute?  Balls.

Jeffrey Wright

In other vaugely exciting casting news, Jeffery Wright, who starred in the last two Bond movies as well as other stuff, I’m pretty sure, will be playing Beetee, the crazy trap making ex-champion from District… something, in Catching Fire.  He seems damn near perfect to me, but be prepared for a bunch of people to announce loudly that he’s terrible, because it turns out that a lot of people are still racist assholes.

Holy What? Sin City: A Dame to Kill For is Actually Being Made

It’s actually happening. The movie is going into production. Obviously it’s following A Dame to Kill For, considering the title, but I think we can assume that there will be other plots, since that’s not really a story that can fill two hours. But what will it be? Family Values is awesome, but it’s Dwight and Miho heavy, and I assume they’d want to avoid telling two stories about that same group. Hell and Back could be cool but it would be hard to adapt without changing a lot, and judging from the first movie, I doubt they want to change a lot. So we’re probably stuck with a new Frank Millar story. Which, I don’t know. Obviously he’s a good enough writer that I’m excited to see his stories be adapted, but at the same time, his recent work’s been really shitty. I don’t really want to see anything he’s written in the last few years. That’s dumb.

And then there’s this quote from Rodriguez:

“I have wanted to re-team with Frank Miller and return to the world he created since the day we wrapped the original, but have felt a duty to the fans to wait until we had something truly exceptional that would meet and exceed what have become epic expectations. A Dame To Kill For will certainly be worth the wait.”

What does that mean? What were you waiting for? The book was written nineteen years ago. Clearly the special effects were fine for the first movie. What did you need to make this happen? Just be like “I wanted to make a ton of money pumping out shit like Spy Kids 4-D and maybe spend some time banging Rose McGowan”. Fair enough. But what other reason is there?

“I’ve wanted to make this movie so badly, but a Sin City movie can only be made once every eight years, when the Gabrath nebula goes into sync. Frank Millar tried, despite my warnings, and he accidentally made The Spirit.”
“Oh, jesus. I didn’t realize how terrible the outcome could be. I apologize for doubting you.”

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I’ll Post Pretty Much Any Video That Has That “Cells” Song In It

The fact that the video is actually a pretty entertaining mashup of the Sin City trailer and various Disney movies is just icing on the cake.

Now I’m gonna have that song stuck in my head all day. DunanahnahdunanahNAH! DunanahnahdunanahNAH!

And now the front page of my website has a busty mouse wearing burlesque clothing on it. Didn’t REALLY think this through. But, hey, maybe we’ll get a bunch of new visitors from 4Chan.

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