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Insert Team Fortress Into James Bond

What’s really amazing about this parody is how close they were able to get the lighting on the digital characters. Spy especially. While I think the Spy is French, he does blend seamlessly with the role of English super agent James Bond. I can tell this took a while, spending a lot of time making it really look like all the Team Fortress characters belong in the Skyfall trailer. Now they should do it for Die Another Day, that movie needs saving from our memories.

DVD Day – February 12, 2013


When the SKYFALLS, we will SKYFALLL! And we’ll SKYFALLLL! And we’ll Skyfall together.

Perks of Being a Wallflower
It’s got Hermione. And… I’m sure other positives as well.

Weeds: Season Eight
This is one of those shows that I’m convinced is cancelled every year, but somehow it’s still there.

The Man With the Iron Fists
Because when I’m looking for directors, my first thought is “Maybe one of the guys from Wu-Tang?”

The Sessions
Sex in an iron lung? Or attached to an iron lung? Do we still call them iron lungs?

Silent Hill: Revelations
Totally unfair. Most of the time, you’re like, just don’t into the haunted town. Problem solved. But now the haunted town is coming to find you? No. Lame.

Bullying is bad. That’s the general idea.

Nurse Jackie: Season Four
Also manages to keep being made, even though I don’t know anyone who’s ever seen it.

Watch All the Bond Movie in Order in One Movie

Someone has gone through the trouble of cutting all previous 22 Bond films and attempting to make a cohesive single movie. I assume that in addition to Bond changing actor that you accept that the Bond girl changes actresses as well. I haven’t sat down and watch the whole thing, but there are some interesting cuts here, and they tend to fall in line in order. The opening scene is the opening scene Dr. No and the closing scene is the closing scene from Quantum of Solace and the rest fit similarly. Lets see if Skyfall is better (it has to be better, this can’t make as much sense as one solid movie that made a crap ton of money this weekend).

Skyfall Trailer Joins 007 Legends Lineup

Not that this game is doing well critically, you should be able to add to your game the Skyfall mission soon. Movie comes out today, so what better way to relieve it or get in the mood than by playing it out. Or you could just skip the whole game thing. Most of you will probably do that. I’m not sure how well it sold. Probably not as well as they would’ve liked. The movie will do well though, everyone is talking that up. To the cinemadome!

James Bond Viral Video Probably More Fun In Person

Another one of those viral videos that take just as much time and execution as it did creativity. Also, they really had to hope that people wanted Skyfall tickets. Look at these guys huff it up those escalators. All around, great effort in trying to recover from the 007 Legends debacle.

This James Bond Clip Is About as James Bond-y As You Can Get

You got your Bond, you got your pretty lady, you got some gambling, you’ve got him introducing himself in that odd way. It’s pretty much all the James Bond you could fit on one screen. The only way it could be any more James Bond would be if it all happened inside an Aston Martin that he was driving while shooting people with a Walther PPK and someone makes a pun about the unique way he’s having sex. That would be more James Bond. But that’s just an unlikely combination. We’ll just have to stick with this scene for now.

Listen, Adele, It’s No “A View to a Kill”

Adele’s released the theme to Skyfall, titled Skyfall, because that’s what you do with James Bond movies, you give the theme the same title as the movie. Even Madonna knew that. I don’t what this “You Know My Name” nonsense was. I mean, I loved the song, Chris Cornell is awesome, but it should have been called Casino Royale. Adele gets it though. We’re bringing it back. I don’t love the song, though. I mean, it’s okay, it’s James Bond-y. I can certainly imagine it playing over a video of writhing naked female shapes probably made out of clouds, cause the movie’s called “Skyfall” and that would just fit. But I don’t see myself listening to it over and over like “You Know My Name” or “A View to a Kill” or “Live and Let Die” or even most of Adele’s non-James Bond themed music.

Though, to be fair, almost this entire song is not about her ex-boyfriend. So, that’s gotta be hard to write about for her. “How does the falling sky relate to my desire to resume a relationship with that guy that broke my heart?” Well, it doesn’t Adele. It just doesn’t.

New Skyfall Banner Boldly States “These Are People In Our Movie”


Skyfall will be a movie, and it will star several people.  That much is clear.  We got Bond, whoever the lady is that Bond will attempt to sleep with, the bad guy from No Country for Old Men, and Moneypenny.  Interesting choices.  Especially Moneypenny.  What’s she doing there?  I get the other three, but putting Moneypenny on there without Q or M seems lame.  Either one of them seem just as important as Moneypenny.  Just a slap in the face.  Especially for Q.  I mean, M, we’ve seen her a lot.  Over the last fifteen years it’s been the same M.  And she hasn’t really changed.  Like a female Patrick Stewart, Judi Dench reached a certain age and decided that she’s done quite enough aging for her lifetime.  But Q?  We’ve never seen this Q.  He should be given a spot on here.  Only fair.

Skyfall Trailer – I’m Fairly Sure We’ve Already Used the “James Bond Pretends to Die” Plotline

I know when you get up to twenty two movies it’s difficult to keep that shit straight. But this is an easy one. Just read the titles. “Dr. No. No problem there. Octopussy, hehe, it’s still funny. You Only Live Twice, oh, shit, we did pretend to kill him already! The whole plot of the movie!” Otherwise, it’s mostly The Dark Knight Rises. I mean, there’s a lot. James Bond comes back after going into hiding when presented with a threat that the “normal” agents can’t handle. He’s out of shape, and not prepared to fight at his best. And he’s got a lady love that keeps telling him he should be afraid of his enemy, who is the more dangerous and prepared version of him, trained by the same people. It’s fucking Dark Knight Rises exactly! I know you probably couldn’t have known about the plot of The Dark Knight Rises, but shit, this is a bad time to release that movie. That kinda sucks for you.

Oh, and more sexy shaving. I don’t know what the Bond obsession with sexy shaving is, but it’ll be in there. Probably with done expensive ass razor that we will see the logo of more often than we see the razor. Ba-dum ba-DUMM!

Here’s Your New Q (Bond Q, Not Star Trek Q)

We’d heard that Skyfall would be giving us a new Q, but this is our first look at the character. Looks like a generic British hipster. Like, I want to get a British hipster, but I don’t want to pay name brand prices. You get this guy. He’s got everything you’d expect out of a british hipster, but he still doesn’t feel right. Should’ve paid those extra few bucks and gotten yourself a Doctor Who instead. Just imagine David Tennant or Matt Smith standing there. It’s not that hard, that’s clearly what they were going for with the character. Just think about it for a second. Isn’t that better? Too bad that’s not what we got. Now you’re stuck with this dude’s annoying floppy hair and glasses that probably don’t even do anything and his Mister Rogers looking sweater. Ugh. He better have some awesome ass gadgets for Bond.

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