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Finally, A Way to Purchase All the Elder Scrolls Games, for Those of You Who Haven’t Done That, Somehow

Do you desperately want to own all the Elder Scrolls Games, but somehow haven’t done that already? Good news for you! The Elder Scrolls anthology will include all five numbered games in the series, as well as all the expansions released for those games, along with a fancy box and some maps, all for the low, low price of eighty dollars. Which, assuming you’ve never purchased any of the titles in the series, and are also entirely incapable of waiting for the constant sales that all of these titles get on Steam, is a good deal. In the more likely scenario that you own at least one of the games in this series made in the last decade, well, the only reason to buy this box is if you’re willing to pay a ridiculous amount of money for maps.

If you do want to pay too much for maps, it’s available for pre-order right now. Hope they’re worth it.

People Still Making Skyrim Fan Films

I just started playing Skyrim thanks to this year’s Steam summer sale. What’s more amazing is people still making tribute videos to a nearly two year old game. I don’t know if they fixed it, but I’ve played it for 19 hours and no one has mentioned any arrows to the knee. I was expecting arrows to the knee! Oh, the video. It’s good.

Elder Scrolls Character Prank Calls Library

I’m not normally a fan of soundboard prank calls. It feels lazy. This guy does a nice job though, using Septimus from Skyrim to ask about the Elder Scrolls. I’m surprised that not more of the younger employees new what Elder Scrolls was. No matter, it’s a creative use of characters to annoy one of the least respected professions: library workers.

This Is the Way the World Ends: Skyrim on Oculus Rift

Well, it’s been a good run, ladies and gentlemen.  But between Skyrim and Teamfortress 2 on the Rift I think that’s probably about it for the human race.  It was fun while it lasted.

People Still Making Skyrim Videos

We have previously had animations starring a dragonborn bear. This one took a while, but if this is traditionally animated as it looks, than there’s always going to be a time difference. That middle part was really stressful for me though. Just like Skyrim.

What Happens When You Have Too Many Mods

I like mods as much as the next guy, but this is ridiculous. Cool effects, nice characters, but strange acting choices even though I’m not a huge Battlefield fan. I chose Battlefield because of the hat choices.

PS3′s Actually Getting Those Skyrim Expansions


You’re only about a year overdue, but if you’ve been grinding your teeth while you’re XBOX brethren have been fighting vampire cults or building houses with all sorts of bees or riding dragons(!) your wait is almost over.  Over the month of February all three expansions well be released on the PS3, and as an apology for making you wait like a million hours they’ll all be half price the week they’re released.  Sweet deal.

Meanwhile PC will be getting the Drahonborn expansion on February 5th, but you don’t care because you’re too busy with your mod that turns all the trolls into Wampas or something.

From Joystiq

Dragonborn Will Take Us Back to Morrowind… Sort Of

Specifically it will take you to Solstheim, the island off of Morrowind that was the setting for the Morrowind: Bloodmoon expansion. Technically part of Morrowind, it’s mostly inhabited by Nords, so you’ll still feel comfortably at home, surrounded in nordic accents. But also get ready for weird floating bugs, houses that look like they’re made of carapace, and those goddamn impossible to hit Cliff Racers. You’ll also meet more Daedric guys, have a chance to learn some dark arts, and hunt down the first Dragonborn, who’s apparently become somewhat of a dick. You’re making Dragonborn look bad, jerk! All good stuff.

Except for the Cliff Racers. Goddamn Cliff Racers.

From IGN

Dragonborn DLC – Holy Shit, You Can Finally Ride Dragons!

Skyrim’s “Dragonborn” DLC might have a dumb name, since the entire rest of the game was about a Dragonborn.  But who cares?  You can ride a dragon!  I spent countless hours beating the shit out of them and all that time I just wanted to hop on their back and ride them around.  It’s finally happening!  Dragon mounts! Also some other stuff, but who cares, because goddamn dragon mounts!

Again it will be exclusive to 360 to start, being released on December 4th for that system.  PC doesn’t have a release date, but probably about a month or so later?  And PS3 soon after that, I’m sure. *wink*

Sony Will Get That Skyrim DLC Working Eventually


Because Bethesda’s feeling towards the PS3 seems to be “The game turned on, didn’t it? Isn’t that good enough?” they’ve basically decided that the Skyrim DLC is just too much effort. But Sony’s not putting up with that. Just because their system is ridiculously complicated to program for, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get all the same stuff as the 360 and PC version. So they’ve got a development team working on Dawnguard. Hooray. Turns out, like that guy that does a really shitty job washing the dishes when they first get married so that his wife will do it from then on, if you just suck at programming a game for the PS3 long enough, eventually Sony will just give up, and do it for you. Every Triple-A title should try this from now on. “Every time Connor tries to assassinate this dude, the snow turns green, but we can’t figure out how to fix it… Sony? You have any ideas?” Then you go to the bar for the rest of the day.