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The Tecmo Bowl Song Is Great

About every gamer scared to play sports games. This must be an anthem for someone. Just a good ole time with SPORTS!

Happy Hour Game Time – FIFA 2010 World Cup

For some white people, they play a little soccer as a kid, maybe a few times during physical education, and that’s it. For other white people and pretty much everyone else who isn’t American, soccer or futball is a persistent thing in their lives. See which one is which in this playthrough of Happy Hour Game Time.

Super Sonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars Best Soccer Game Ever

This game is the most fun I’ve ever had playing a soccer game. Mostly because I’m using a car and the cars can blow up, and goals make your cars blow up and you blow up after each game. It’s a lot of frenetic fun, and its the best non-sports sports game since Base Wars (robots playing baseball).

Basketball Mod Features Marvel and Mortal Kombat Characters

Sports games get the dubious honor of being slightly less nerdy than other video games. How do we fix that? Replace every player with characters from the Marvel and Mortal Kombat universes. It makes for a somewhat more exciting game. It does freak me out a little when the characters who are supposed to be fully masked start moving their mouths as if there wasn’t a mask there. But that doesn’t happen too often. Now I just need to figure out the golden Mortal Kombat character with wings. Who the hell is that?

Did You Know A Dog Football Game Exists?

This only looks like a terrible game because it is called Dog Football. There are more negatives to it, though. Looks incredibly easy, probably short game enjoyment length, and they are trying to reinvent a real sport. On the plus side, the puns are amazingly bad in good ways, some of the customization looks legitimately fun, and it’s endorsed by Jerry Rice and his dog. No other video game can claim that sort of notoriety. Not even Paul Giamatti and his goldfish.

I Might Buy a Football Game and Not Play Football

Yeah, that’s how curious I am about playing the franchise owner mode of the latest Madden game. I don’t know if it will be any good, but it’s definitely something I’m curious about trying. Could I get the Oakland Raiders successful again? Will someone ever care about the Jacksonville Jaguars. Can move a team to Las Vegas and rebrand them? Here’s hoping I call the Walk of Shames.

Even Pro Gamers Are Known to Rage Uncontrollably

To me, this seems like an excessive use of posturing. Sports have sportsmanship, shouldn’t eSports have eSportsmanship? I am coining that phrase. Watch, I’ll hashtag it:
But I guess this is same area where futbol goal celebrations last nearly 15 minutes and spend more energy than it took to make the goal. Sorry, Europe, you aren’t polite when it comes to sports.

Frozen Endzone is RTS Sports

I didn’t get a chance to play much Frozen Synapse. Their next game has my attention though. Frozen Endzone appears to be another attempt at futuristic football. What it does to change that wasteland, is put in some strategy by making you program your players. I am intrigued because video games is the best way to play sports.

Playing Games You Don’t Know the Rules For

They actually don’t show a lot of gameplay here, probably because playing a rugby, cricket or darts game is actually really boring. Seriously, it’s boring. I’ve played about 3 games with a darts minigame and real darts is much better.

Happy Hour Game Time – Hot Shots Out of Bounds

This game is far more annoying than any golf game should be. Or at least multiplayer anime-inspired golf. I also learn I’m terrible at putting. Really, there’s not many redeeming qualities about this game until we learned how to freeze our poses. Watch and you’ll see.