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Star Trek Into Darkness Has A Few Plot Holes

The latest Star Trek movie had some pretty crazy things for I believe craziness’ sake. Super long range teleporters, super long range torpedos, super blood, and a strong insistence that it’s not Wrath of Khan. How It Should Have Ended talks about how some of those things probably affected the Universe. While many Into Darkness haters will agree with this video, let me remind you that original Spock invented time travel on several occasions. That seems just as dangerous than super blood.

Let us All Talk About Some Fake Languages Like Elvish

This has been floating around the internet for a couple days until I watched it. I sorta have a degree in English and I really like studying grammar and origin of language. Therefore, cool languages we see in stuff like Lord of the Rings and Star Trek are fascinating to me. Learn a little bit about why Tolkein spent more time on making up Elvish than fleshing out story structure.

Time For Star Trek Home Video Marketing in Malls

In the recesses somewhere between viral marketing and actual marketing, we have a really elaborate mall prank. Apparently someone made a transporter with the same name as a movie-watching device in the UK. Everyone who didn’t notice the similarity and hadn’t seen The Prestige were fooled by this fake transporter. Hint: same plot twist as The Prestige.

Simon Pegg Plays Trickster on Star Trek

Instead of making an amazing movie, the cast and crew made an okay movie with a bunch of pranks behind the scenes. To be fair, that’s a pretty good prank. Duped most of the starring cast into putting an unknown cream on their face. Simon Pegg out acted actors. But I guess with all those ailment curing things in Hollywood they’d believe most things. Like Crystals actually absorb bad energy. Yeah, right.

Honest Trailers Dissect the Hell Out of Star Trek Into Darkness

Sure, there’s a lot wrong with Star Trek Into Darkness if you aren’t having fun watching it. I had fun watching it, but I can recognize things that could go differently. Honest Trailers puts them all together for you. If you hated Into Darkness before, you’ll agree with what they’re saying. If you didn’t, you might now.

Super Fan Trekkies Rank All the Star Trek Movies

star trek best moviesI wasn’t able to attend the annual big Star Trek convention, despite living in Las Vegas. Work got in the way. But the Internet was able to give me this little nugget. The die-hardiest Star Trek nerds were asked to rank all the movie and the photo shows those rankings. As expected, Wrath of Khan wins. It probably will always win with First Contact coming second. What’s only slightly more surprising is that Into Darkness was dead last. I really think it was better than Final Frontier and Insurrection. Those things were gross to watch. I guess I’m in the minority, here, Star Trek Convention. But at least we have a pretty definitive list for a while. Let’s see how Into Darkness ages (prediction: terribly).

New Star Trek Game Has Glitches, Hilarious Glitches

Movie based video games aren’t the greatest. Even the highly touted Star Trek didn’t get much buzz once it came out. We can see why the PC version didn’t sell well. Repeated hilarious glitches. Not Skater 3 level, but still awesome.

Really Fast 8-Bit Star Trek Video Game

Let’s go back to the 2009 Star Trek. The original new Star Trek. Now lets make a video game out of it. And lets make it 8-bit. And now lets speed up about 10,000%. Let’s also make it incredibly easy. Great, that describes the video above.

Turns Out Your Futuristic Jaden Smith/Shyamalan/Scientology Movies Not a Big a Draw As You’d Expect

Your box office results, from Box Office Mojo.

1. Fast & Furious 6 – $34,538,000
Given a choice between the magician/con man/bank robber movie and the futuristic quasi-Avatar with Will Smith’s annoying son, most folks decided to just go see cars go fast again.

2. Now You See Me – $28,050,000
I don’t even know, man. You made all that money on Facebook, and you’re still robbing banks. Not cool.

3. After Earth – $27,000,000
I wanted to make a movie called Avatar, but another movie came out and stole that title. So I decided to steal everything about that movie this time around.

4. Epic – $16,400,000
An equal number of people said “I would like to see most of the elements of Ferngully rearranged into a slightly different configuration” and “I would like to see most of the elements of Wrath of Khan rearranged into a slightly different configuration.”

4. Star Trek Into Darkness – $16,400,000
That last statement might seem like a bit of a spoiler for this movie, but really, is anyone pretending they hadn’t guessed the most obvious plot twist ever? We all knew what was happening going into this thing. There’s no one named John Harrison in Star Trek.

Cars Moving At High Speeds Is Still Something We Need

Your box office results, from Box Office Mojo

1. Fast & Furious 6 – $96,791,000
I’m not going to say what the “twist” at the end is, but I feel like you’re really stretching to add significance to certain scenes in the franchise.

2. The Hangover Part III – $41,775,000
Come on guys, we really need more car racing in this thing! We’re never going to make it on top with nothing but giraffe decapitation.

3. Star Trek Into Darkness – $37,284,000
Spock is literally in the act of breaking the Prime Directive, but feels the need to lecture Kirk on the Prime Directive. Stopping an entire species from being killing is gonna alter their development just as much as letting them see a spaceship. But somehow you’re okay with the first one.

4. Epic – $33,500,000
Could have saved a bunch of cash and just rented Ferngully, folks.

5. Iron Man 3 – $19,213,000
It’s really nice that Robert Downey Jr is fighting to get his Avengers co-stars a raise. But I can’t help but think that if he just took a bit of a paycut maybe that would solve the problem. Like, just fifty million, instead of eighty? Then everyone else gets a quick six million dollar raise right then. Right?