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Further Proof that Lightsabers Make Everything Better

I think the rest of my posts today are going to be game trailer related, so I’d thought I’d give you something else first: Lightsabers! Les Mis! Both together at last. Not that either need help making each other awesome, but both together is great. It’s like the first guy that made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time. People knew they were great on their own, but BAM! Better sandwich. I guesss what I’m trying to say is that Lightsaber Les Miserables is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Angry Birds: Star Wars, Finally Including the Mutliplayer Features That No One Really Asked For

Yes, admittedly they are asking you to pay forty goddamn dollars for a game available for free on your phone. But that’s because it includes these fancy new features. Like multiplayer. Thrill in the two to four player competitive mode. Now you get the extra enjoyment of watching other people throw birds at shit between your turns. Sure, it takes four times as long, but the computer will compare your scores now, saving you the trouble of looking at two numbers and figuring out which one is bigger. And then there’s the Cooperative mode, where you just trade off tossing birds. Share your Angry Birds triumph with another, but without letting their grubby fingers touch your beautiful smart phone. Definitely worth forty dollars. Totally.

Combining Star Wars and Always Sunny Yields Results

It’s hard to judge this too well. I mean, it looks like they are doing their best Charlie and Mac impressions, but they clearly aren’t Charlie or Mac. They’re might have been other things they could have jointly parodied to make this a more cohesive mashup, but I’ll give them kudos for the attempt. Minus points for no Danny DeJawa.

Star Wars Songs Redone With YouTube Stars

One last holdover from Geek Week last week, we see one popular and one not as popular YouTube star performing various scores from the Star Wars series. I feel its better when you can hear the violin. Some of the leveling sounds weird. But based on the end part it seems like they were trying to showcase the male singer. But let’s be honest, you watch this for Lindsey Sterling, the female violinist. The way she moves is hypnotizing. I am currently writing this while hypnotized. I am under Lindsey Sterling’s “hip”-nosis. Whoa, I’m out of it now. What did I type? What did I write that terrible pun?!?!

Oswalt Star Wars Filibuster Animated For Real This Time

Compared to the other slideshows that simply show pictures of the stuff Patton Oswalt is talking about, Nerdist spent some money and actually animated it. It adds that little bit of extra awesomeness that wasn’t already present. Not that you can really improve the ridiculousness of this movie pitch, but it is much better than those “animated” slideshows other people rushed onto YouTube. Somebody spent time on this one. And we all thank you.

Star Wars: Rebels Gets a Logo, Some Concept Art

Yup. That sure is a logo that says “Star Wars: Rebels.” They have truly succeeded in making a logo that has the name of the show on it. Quite an accomplishment.

Then there’s this concept art which is basically just Star Wars. There’s the TIE Fighters, there’s the explosions, there’s the space. They could just as easily taken some still shots of A New Hope and said “Yeah, we’re trying to make our look like this.” Which isn’t a complaint exactly, after five years of goofy ass The Clone Wars, a series designed to evoke the original trilogy is certainly not a thing we should be complaining about. But, honestly, the only legitimately new and interesting part of the whole thing is that new freighter. Following the Ebon Hawk’s design principles of “I’m totally not the Millennium Falcon, but, hey, remember the Millennium Falcon?” that’s probably going to be our central base for the show. It’s almost certainly going to be about a bunch of Browncoat types, running around, fomenting rebellion, so the inclusion of a Millennium Falcon/Serenity kinda freighter toting everyone around seems reasonable.

Though, let’s be honest, the Millennium Falcon’s gonna show up too. It’ll have a different crew, and probably another name. But after it appeared in Revenge of the Sith there’s no way they’re going to be able to resist sticking out in a show that takes place after that point. That’s just a freebie.

Best Comic Con Moment from Connecticut

You may be gearing up for the big hoopla in San Diego, but you may not have known about ConnectiCon in Connecticut last week. You would also have missed the voice of Winnie the Pooh doing Darth Vader lines with somebody else, that’s probably a prominent voice actress, doing Leia during the opening scene of Star Wars. Believe me when I say this might be the only post where Winnie the Pooh and Star Wars show up at the same time.

Angry Birds Star Wars 2 Is Announced, Features More Prequel Than You Would Prefer


By which, of course, I mean any.  Any prequel us too much prequel.  This game appears to include Darth Mauls and General Grievouses and just stiff that you don’t want to deal with.  So it’s up to you to determine if getting Angry Birds return of the Jedi levels is worth also getting Angry Birds Phantom Menace levels. You’ll also be able to “Join the Pork Side” which, despite sounding like a terrible innuendo, just man’s you’ll be able to play as the pigs, which… I dunno.  Are they just going to launch themselves from slingshots?  Or will it be about building a fort to defend yourself from Angry Bird attacks?  That might be cool.  Too bad it’ll be terrible prequel content.

Star Wars Catina Karaoke With Lando

Hey, everybody, it’s Billy Dee Williams again! Now he’s doing karaoke with Patton Oswalt and all the denizens of that bar in Mos Eisley. Jason Schwartzman is there, too. Fun for everyone!

Pretend You Are A Jedi in an Elevator

This won’t win you many favors, but still hell of a prank. Only one guy got really angry. But I hate riding elevators with other people, too. Just more annoying than it has to be. I’d be less annoyed if I was a Jedi. Who knows if I’d be a dick like this guy, though.