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World’s End Stars Tell You Not To Talk

You should at least listen to somebody about not talking during movies. You shouldn’t talk during movies. You are not at home. Stop it. If you don’t listen to me, listen to Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright. Weird, those guys all have very simple names. Must be because they’re British.

Song I Hate Made Worse Even With Pokemon

I absolutely hate this song. I loathe it. I probably hate Robin Thicke because of it. Yup, I do. No I hate this guy for making a parody of it, the music video, and adding in Pokemon. And he’s the only one in it, so I have to blame him. And blame him I shall. STOP IT! I hate you.

Final Fantasy XIV Refuses to Go Away

Squeenix will be trying again as Beta applications are now available for the relaunching of Final Fantasy XIV. For some reason, they think that dropping their version of Cataclysm is going to save it. Who knows, it might. Squeenix is just afraid to admit it failed. I also don’t think it likes that Final Fantasy XI still has a bigger player base. This is a newer video celebrating the announcement. Try to enjoy it, if you can.

Stan Lee Does Another Super Hero Reality Show

Stan Lee is doing it again. Yet another show about superheroes. This time, it is real-life superheroes training or something and somebody wins somehow. He did this twice before. Once where it just an expose on real-life heroes, and then a show about people who wish they were superheroes even with superpowers. So this one, where David Hasselhoff makes a guest appearance for some reason, will combine the two in order to help train real-life heroes for whatever they decide to do in their spare time. Then they probably get a book deal. I’m not excited, but I’m sure there’s somebody who is. Is it you? No, I’m talking to the guy behind you, he seems gullible.

Uwe Boll Made Another Terrible Film With Zombies

I really don’t have enough time to write down everything that is wrong with this trailer, this movie, and the amount of effort put into something that looks so terrible. I think he needs to stop trying so hard. Or at least have a decorum of quality control that seems to be lacking. Ugh. STOP IT!

Vampire Dog Trailer – Norm Macdonald Has New Low

I can find now redeeming qualities of this movie except that at one point Norm Macdonald had potential. Nothing about this trailer or movie is good and what people should want to see. You should support Vampire Dog in any way. You want a critical failure? This is it. I am not wasting any more words on this.

Time to Ruin Brave Little Toaster And Childhood

I think I’m starting to get used to things being ruined. Next up on the docket is The Brave Little Toaster. For this remake, they will be combining live action with 3D animation. It will probably also be in 3D.

I know I am upset about this, but I think I’ve reached the point of resignation that things are going to be done this way from now. Anything approximately 20 years old is getting remade. End of story. Now excuse me while I cry myself to sleep.

Via The Wrap

Matrix Parody Video Six Years Too Late

Did they suddenly forget that know has really thought about Matrix plot holes for half a decade? Stop doing things like this. You are rehashing a joke my parents could make. Why aren’t there more negative comments on this thing? Ugh, I better stop. I’m going to have an aneurysm.

No Reason for Another Home Alone That Adds Ghosts

That’s right, Kevin. I’d be scared, too, if I learned that your franchise was being reanimated for a straight to ABC Family movie.

In Home Alone 5: Alone in the Dark, a brother and sister completely unrelated to Kevin from the originals, set traps for ghosts and try to fight off thieves, one of which includes Malcolm “I’ll-do-anything-for-money-at-this-point” McDowell.

Clearly, the executive producers don’t look themselves in the mirror and overdo it on the aftershave. Because if they did, they couldn’t live with themselves for whatever the hell they are making.

Via Entertainment Weekly

Adam Sandler Trying to Win Us Back With Candyland

Hey, you know the only thing worse than hearing the Candyland movie is getting closer to production? Hearing Adam Sandler is starring and producing it. Yup, he has apparently survived his own Norbit (Jack and Jill) and is continuing his career in a path that surely angers anyone who watches movies with their brains. Sorry, Adam, I enjoy your old stuff, but you are not doing anything for me lately. Just please stop. Don’t you have enough money yet? Look at Rick Moranis, he went out on top. And Hasbro, stop enabling everyone!

Via Entertainment Weekly