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Lets Throw Some Street Fighter into Plants vs Zombies

Sure. Why not? Because no property should go un-mashed-up. Street Fighter characters taking the place of the plants in Plants vs Zombies? Sounds like a great idea. And lets have Blanka be super explosive. Big party over here!

Blanka Troll Creators Make Chun Li is Jealous

I absolutely love the Blanka is a Troll webseries, they are evolving greater than before. Now they have rolled out Chun Li is jealous, where she beats up other women. This one is especially cool because you don’t always see how they would have fallen without Chun Li here. Some good editing. The last one is easily the best. Enjoy a jealous Chun Li.

Capcom Would Like to Celebrate the End of This Generation By Selling You a Bunch of Games You Already Own


I’m not saying you own every game on this list, but between Resident Evil 6, Super Street Fighter 4, Devil May Cry 4, Dead Rising 2 and Mega Man 10 you’ve probably got most of these.  Or you had them and sold them because you finished with them.  Or you never purchased them because they’re Resident Evil 6 and goddamn nobody wants Resident Evil 6. 

Still, if you’ve somehow never picked up pretty much any major release from Capcom this generation, but now suddenly need to own all of them, this is a great place to start.  Sixty bucks for all these games us a good deal, even after subtracting the amount that they should be paying you for the emotional trauma of owning Resident Evil 6.  You’re still coming out ahead.  The other four are all varying levels of great.

Even More Ridiculous EVO Street Fighter Action

If you are like most of the gaming population, you’ve played Street Fighter some time in the past two decades. That means you’ve also heard of Akuma. He’s a near demon and possibly the most popular character and definitely commonly used in competition for his strengths. However, you might not heard of Hakan. He’s a Turkish oil wrestler that made his debut recently for Street Fighter. He’s also not popular nor very good in competition. Unless you are playing Balrog. One guy switches to Hakan halfway through a Top 8 round and everyone is excited to not see Akuma. Skip halfway to see a positive crowd reaction and a much more interested fight than the first half.

Ultra Street Fighter IV Announcement Trailer

EVO weekend means a renewed interest in fighting games. Also, the best place to announce your new fighting game. Enter Ultra Street Fighter IV. Yes, it’s a third Street Fighter game in as many years, but there’s gameplay tweaks, new characters, and a brand new character that you have never seen before. Because that’s what Street Fighter needs right now, more characters. Of the new characters in the trailer, I may have seen them only once before. Maybe in Street Fighter Alpha 2 or something. Hugo’s got some wicked retro hair. Will this sell more copies? Probably. It will definitely sell if you are only upgrading. $15 more for an updated game download? Street Fighter fans will jump on this.

Blanka is Still a Jerk

They made another installment of Blanka is a Troll. They found more clips to splice him into. Some of these are awesome. Keep ‘em coming!

I Love Cat Version of Street Fighter

I hate cats in real life, but love watching us animate them to Street Fighter. This guy went out of his way to fill in all the details of this mockup. I expect someone to make the flash version of this playable soon. I’d play a giant electric green cat. That would be scary.

Blanka Hurts People on Purpose

If Blanka is anything like when I played Street Fighter when I was 6, he is the most annoying character after E Honda (Chun Li is never annoying (panties)). So I completely understand all of these clips where Blanka is messing with people. Good for a chuckle.

Street Fighter Mural Art in Time Lapse

It’s a big art day here on The Critical Failure. This time it’s Street Fighter spray painted on to a wall. I’m not sure why Sagat was selected over much more memorable characters, but maybe they wanted a villain. I think Vegas would have been cooler. But it’s not my mural and they could really ruin my house so I like it.

Street Fighter Looks Cooler in 3D Vectors

Not exactly sure what type of animation or art is going on here, but I do know it has something to do with Street Fighter and its pretty. Pretty enough to share. The ending is a little weird, and the sound could be edited more smoothly, but you are here for the visuals. So look!