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Zod Finally Gets As Michael Shannon-y As You’d Expect

It was an odd move to release Zod DLC while an incredibly popular movie was out featuring Zod, and yet not have that version of the character available as one of the costumes. Especially when the trailer for the DLC was also advertising the movie in question. Why was the Michael Shannon Man of Steel version of Zod not available? Who knows? But now, months later, after all that sweet cross promotion has passed them by, they’ve finally gotten around to releasing a Michael Shannon skin. Maybe they just wanted to help advertise Boardwalk Empire instead? Possible.

Warner Brothers Recognizes You Won’t Be Happy With Any Batman Casting, Goes With Most Convenient Actor Available


You know it’s true. No matter who they cast, you were going to be “Oh, no, I don’t know if he’s really good for the role.” So they said screw it, and cast Ben Affleck, because he’s already in deep with Warner Brothers, so they probably got a good deal. Plus, if you cast Ben Affleck in something, right off the bat you get Kevin Smith as a free publicist. Ben Affleck times Batman? The week that movie comes out is the week Kevin Smith destroys Twitter, tweeting so many times that he creates some sort of Tweeter-Event horizon.

Personally, I don’t care. I don’t know if I’m happy Affleck has the role because I like Affleck, or if I’m just happy that he has the role because everyone’s so whiny about it online, and I seeing all those people being angry. Or maybe I’m just so done with the idea of this ridiculous Superman vs Batman movie that I just don’t care what they do anymore. Sure, go ahead, cast Daredevil in the role? Why the eff not? You’re already rebooting Batman in the middle of a Superman movie. This is already an enormous mess. You could cast Zac Efron, I probably wouldn’t feel any worse. Affleck can put in the best performance of his career and it’ll still be a big confusing mess inspired completely by Warner Brothers’ intense desire to catch up to the Avengers without actually putting in any of the work that Marvel did to make that happen. So, yeah. “Whatever” is the most I can feel about this news.

More Logical But Less Fun Ending to Man of Steel

How it Should Have Ended is a great series. This clip sums up what a 30 minute version of the movie Man of Steel would have been like if they solved everything in the quickest way possible. A little boring, though. That’s the thing about movies, you need to make it a journey. Sure, Man of Steel’s journey was filled with destruction and plot holes, but it was still a journey. One that a lot of you are angry at.

Do We Really Need An Explanation of Who Zod is?

Everyone knows Zod, right?  He was the villain in two incredibly popular movies.  He’s probably the second most famous Supervillain in comics history.  Well, no, probably third, I guess Joker and Lex take those two top spots.  Still, I think we’re all aware of Zod and his history and motivation.  Don’t really need the retelling there, guys.  Could’ve spent some of this video in a more useful way.  Like letting me know about a Man of Steel skin being made available for the Zod DLC.  Because, we need that. So bad.

Die Hard in the White House Loses to a Cartoon Again

Our box office results, from Box Office Mojo.

1. Monsters University – $46,180,000
Good news is Pixar’s going to make fewer sequels, bad news is, Disney’s gonna go ahead and make crap like Planes anyway, so does it really matter?

2. The Heat – $40,000,000
Wouldn’t this movie really be better if Sandra Bullock adopted a black teen, and then everyone spent the whole movie talking about what a great person she was?

3. World War Z – $29,800,000
The zombie infection takes place within seconds, so unless they gain the ability to run sixty miles an hour, someone’s driving them around. That’s the real threat. Just throw up some “Don’t pick up undead hitchhikers” signs, and you can quarantine this whole thing to one city easy.

4. White House Down – $25,700,000
It’s like America doesn’t really want to see a movie about lone Secret Service agents protecting the president from giant terrorists attacks. But how could that be, after we made so many of those.

5. Man of Steel – $20,820,000
Superman! Doing some Super stuff. And that one thing, that really pissed everyone off. You know the thing. Wasn’t that crazy?

Max Landis Long Winded Argument Against Man of Steel

I’m not sure why this guy is going on such a tirade about a reboot. It’s a reboot. Things are supposed to be different. Don’t know why you think certain things need to be included and others not. The only things that need to remain constant are the following: blue suit, red cape, flight, strength, heat vision, indestructibility, Lois Lane. Everything else is pretty much up for grabs as far as the public is concerned. And I didn’t like Chronicle or its characters, so that did not add credibility to your argument for me. Be more impressive, and look less like the lead singer of All-American Rejects.

Two Best Friends Play Superman Returns and Regret It

They say it themselves in the video. This game was so bad, that it came out months after the movie, and it is still awful. Actually, they spend most of their time complaining rather than playing. As they should.

Monsters for All Ages Sell Well

Our box office results, from Box Office Mojo.

1. Monsters University – $82,000,000
Despite the fact that the target audience of this movie was zero when the original was released, it does pretty well.

2. World War Z – $66,000,000
For those of you who wanted your monsters to be a bit more scary, and a bit less, you know, disco music-y.

3. Man of Steel – $41,215,000
In this case the real monster is loneliness. Also, godlike aliens bent on destroying the planet. They’re bad too.

4. This is the End – $13,000,000
And this one the monster is interpersonal conflict. And giant penised demons.

5. Now You See Me – $7,870,000
No monsters in this one. Unless you count the monstrous boredom of watching magicians in a movie.

Yeah, He Says Kneel Before Zod

I know you were worried.  But the Zod available for download in Injustice: Gods Among Us totally says “Kneel Before Zod” in certain circumstances.  That’s one less thing to worry about.  Also, yeah, this video has his final smash or whatever it’s called, so if all you really wanted was to see that that looks like, you will not have to purchase the character to make that happen.

Question’s I still need answered are “Is there a Michael Shannon skin?” or “Can I play as Michael Shannon?” or “Can I be that guy who played Zod in the Man of Steel?”  These are important questions and I need the answer as soon as possible.  Cause… Yeah, you’ll get my money for that one, Netherrealm.