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The Final Moment Badman Makes Fun of Batman

The actual timing of this scene is a little suspect, but Batman is rife with parody potential and this is the culminating moment in all of that mess. The ending is amazing. Oh, Badman, when will you get your act together? Second question, how are you still alive? You should have been killed ages ago with that work ethic.

Favorite 2012 Movies #3 – Dark Knight Rises

The-Dark-Knight-RisesOne of two of the summer’s biggest events was The Dark Knight Rises. This would be the epic conclusion to The Dark Knight Trilogy and it would answer the question “What did Batman do since he killed Harvey Dent?” Apparently, the answer was nothing. So absurd background story couple with absurd reintegration of story and absurd inclusion of Catwoman though no one ever said the word Catwoman, we have The Dark Knight Rises. A fitting conclusion, many believe it to be the weakest of the trilogy as is often the case with modern trilogies. Regardless, you have a fun action movie, complete with suspense and a plot twist everyone should have seen coming but didn’t. Liam Neeson’s ghost tricked us.

Korean Pop Stars Dress as Batman Villains

The weirdest part of this video, aside from it being a Korean concert of some sort, is that they still made the singer dressed as Bane sing through his facemask. I actually couldn’t keep watching it, it freaked me out a little. Then I heard a muffled language that I didn’t know. Hope repressed memories didn’t come out.

Rumors Fly That Joseph Gordon-Levitt Is New Batman

I’m not going to source this news item because it is all rumor and conjecture. We can’t confirm that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is playing Batman in either Justice Leqgue or the new Superman movie Man of Steel. We can’t confirm that well meaning ending of The Dark Knight Rises included (SPOILERS) hints that Batman was handed off to Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character. We can only assume that this is a very logical choice that fans would love but it doesn’t mean anything because all of this news and hub-bub and general goodwill towards JGL will give his agent negotiating power and possibly price him out of being in anything. But of course this is all rumor. Rumor, rumor, rumor. Now, time to find out why my ears are burning.

Badman – Batman Keeps Thinking About Sex Despite Situation (SPOILERS)

The Badman series is as awesome as their Batman is mentally handicapped. Pete Holmes at Matt McCarthy really dial up what a parody is. There are bit of spoilers in this, but if you’ve seen the movie its worth it. I did think that this was a weird plot hole in the movie, but not as much as the whole occupy a city and threaten to blow it up with us inside plot hole.

Don’t Watch This Batman Version of “Call Me Maybe” If You Haven’t Seen The Dark Knight Rises

Seriously, this video is super spoiler-y.  All kinds of spoilers up in here.  So if you haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, you should really give it a skip.  But if you still haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises, what are you doing with your life?  Go watch that right now.  I don’t care what you’re doing, working, on a date, in the delivery room.  It can wait, go see Batman.

For everyone else, watch this right now, because it’s so good.  Seriously, the lyrics fit perfectly, and everyone looks amazingly accurate, and maybe you’re whining that you’ve heard this song too many times, but shut up, you can hear it one more time because this parody video is absolutely brilliant.  Other than their odd conclusion about John Blake’s fate.  That’s not how… hey, people who haven’t seen The Dark Knight Rises yet, I can’t figure out how to discuss this without spoiling big things.  So, stop reading.  Seriously.  After this sentence ends I’m gonna drop some major knowledge, so you don’t want to still be reading, okay?  John Blake is Batman.  He’s not Robin.  Yes, his legal name was Robin and that was “cute” or something.  But the point of the movie is that Batman is more important than the man under the mask.  He’s going to don the cowl and become Batman.  Batman is the symbol. Not “some other guy who fights crime in a suit.”  So let’s stop spreading this weird rumor that he’s going to be Robin.

Now, here’s a  kitten wearing a Bane ma ask, so that the spoiler folks don’t accidentally read that:


Okay, spoiler folks, you can start reading again.

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly On the BANE!

Remember when everyone went to go see that IMAX preview of The Dark Knight Rises, and everyone universally complained that Bane was impossible to understand?  And then we spent weeks arguing about whether they were going to fix it, or whether not being able to understand what the main villain says was a stylistic choice?  Like that made any sense?

Now obviously, if you’ve seen the movie, you know they fixed it.  They probably overcorrected, actually, almost every line Bane says sounds TOO clear, as though he’s speaking through a megaphone right next to you.  But in case you somehow believe they refused to fix it, or you’re like me and never saw the original and want to see what the fuss was about, here’s the comparison.  Yup, the original version sure sounded terrible.

If you haven’t seen the movie, this isn’t terribly spoiler-y, just a few line from the very beginning of the movie, out of context.  But if you’re hard core about spoilers, you might want to give it a pass.

The Dark Knight Trilogy Trailer

Are you looking for a trailer for all three Batmans in one place? Then have we got good news for you. That’s precisely what we’ve got. At first I thought this was a legitimate trailer, designed to advertise the Dark Knight marathons being held in most theaters tonight.  But apparently it’s just a fan thing.  Still, that just makes it more awesome, because look at it.  It looks so good.  Though it’s less a trailer for all three movies as much as a short recap for the first two and then a trailer fire the third, but let’s not quibble over definitions.  It’s awesome, and totally Batman, and goddamn it, Batman is tonight!  Batman!

Well, Wait, Never Mind, I Guess Rush Was Right

We all thought it was silly when when Rush Limbaugh claimed Bane was designed to attack Mitt Romney. But we haven’t seen the movie yet. On the other hand, Conan O’Brien has, and he’s compiled some might compelling clips to support Rush’s theory. Looks pretty solid. I guess we were once again fools for doubting the wisdom of Rush.

No, but seriously Rush. Thanks for saying such crazy bullshit. Now we’ve got even more excuses to talk about Batman this week. Batman!

Opinions That Are Different Than Mine Are Dumb and Should be Hated

There are people that didn’t like The Dark Knight Rises. I know. I’m as shocked as you. But, in all fairness, I haven’t seen the movie, so I don’t really know if it’s good or not. Unfortunately that didn’t stop hundreds of people from complaining about reviews on Rottentomatoes.com. And not just “I don’t agree and think you’re a stinky head.” But serious, terrible crap and death threats. Not cool, internet. Why do we always have to end up being such dicks? It’s gotten to the point where they’ve been forced to turn off comments. Lame. Double lame.

The worst part is that the response is overwhelmingly positive. Eighty seven percent fresh right now. Seventy seven out of eighty nine reviews are fresh. Why can’t we just be happy about that? That’s the wonder of rottentomatoes. You don’t have to rely on your local critic who might be taking out his ass. You’ve got almost a hundred opinions to weigh. Maybe those twelve guys are wrong. But don’t ignore them. They’ve got an alternate opinion. But if you’re just going to ignore what they have to say, why are you even on rotten tomatoes? If you already know what the correct answer is, then just go. Ignore the critics, do whatever you want. Don’t waste your tine getting in a fight with them.

Now, the ones that are spoiling things, that’s kind of bullshit. But in all fairness, that’s a tough rope to walk. You need to describe why a movie is good or bad without discussing specifics. And what’s a spoiler? You might think that something you saw in a trailer isn’t a spoiler, because you already saw it. But maybe your reader didn’t see that trailer. It’s a bummer, but they’re not being evil. They’re just not entirely sure where to stop.

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