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The Last of Us Fan Film Everyone Loves

Everyone loves The Last of Us. It was a critical success. Unfortunately, I haven’t played it yet. Some fans have added to that by shooting their own story from The Last of Us. Unfortunately, I have no context for any of it and the little girl looks deceptively like a very small grown woman. But looks good and everything works well. Except I have no idea what’s going on.

Last of Us Not Worst Bug Complication

Here are some silly bugs and stuff from The Last of Us. It is not the most egregious, or even the funniest. Red Dead Redemption and Skyrim easily take those crowns. Still, if you like these sorts of things with music and added sound effects, feel free to watch.

Loading Screens Are the Worst

I don’t use many of the next-gen consoles, nor very often, so I don’t really deal with ridiculous loading screens (at least in-game, damn you Wii U!). Yes, if they are extremely long, you should be able to do something else. But this video really shows you why you should just wait. Ah, it’s so hard to wait!

Cooking With Last of Us Gives Us New Recipes

Learn to make a Clicker omelet. If you want to eat Clicker meat. Lots of great humor here. Appreciate the style and the fact that a sole survivor is hosting a cooking show in a zombie apocalypse world. It’s the little things that make this life grand.

Adding Multiplayer Doesn’t Make The Last of Us’s Future Look Any Less Awful

It’s more people, right? Surely things will be better if we get more people involved? Nope. It’s more people, that just means more people doing terrible, terrible things to each other. It’s a fantastic bummer. Why’s everybody gotta be so mean? With the neck stabbing and the sniper rifles and the shotgun right to the chest? Why can’t we all be friends against the spore things? Those things are jerks. Let’s fight them instead of each other.

No? Well, dang.

The Last of Us Trailer – It’s Like, Who Are the Real Monsters, Man?

The fungus creatures. The fungus creatures are the real monsters. They eat people, and then those people turn into fungus monsters that try to eat other people. That’s way worse than “abused my power in a post apocalyptic settlement” guy. Philosophy over.

Anyway, more of this. This dude had to protect this little girl for reasons. There’s some implication that she might be responsible for saving the world, but maybe it’s a more personal, “I have to save this girl to make up for past mistakes” type dealie. Maybe there’s some group that will pay off this guy’s gambling debt if he brings them the girl. Possibilities are endless. Probably not that last one, though.

Meet The Last of Us’s “Not Zombies” (They’re Totally Zombies)

“One of the first rules we had about the infected in this game was ‘no zombies.’  So we took that to mean ‘Zombies, but with some shit on their faces.’  Now let’s spend the next three minutes trying to convince you that they aren’t just zombies dressed up like the bad guys from the second Pirates of the Caribbean movie.”

Listen, I don’t mind your spore zombies.  I think they look cool.  But don’t tell me they’re not zombies.  “But zombies are undead.”  No, the undead are undead.  These are zombies.  They’re devoid of free will, working only to further their masters will, in this case spreading zombie spores.  Totally zombies.  And, again, that’s not a bad thing, but just don’t get too proud of yourself that you invented zombies again.

The Last of Us Trailer – I Am Legend, Now Featuring Less Fresh Prince

No, that’s an exaggeration.  Previous The Last of Us trailers have implied a world where it’s nothing but zombies and bandits and monsters.  But this one kind of expands the world.  There’s apparently something resembling civilization still in the world, complete with prior living together without murdering themselves or others.  Impressive.

That being said, for a “Story trailer” it’s still not giving us a lot of story.  Something bad happened, generic selfish asshole character wants to run away and try to survive, but he gets dragged into protecting this little girl, who is somehow important to the future of the world.  It’s a bit of I Am Legend, a touch of Children of Men, a dash of Revolution, AND you get to just whack the hell out of some dude’s head.  Awesome.

I mean, other than the Revolution bit.  That show is so terrible that even an imaginary association I just created in my head weakens other projects.  Stupid Revolution.

The Last of Us Trailer – Don’t Worry, They Got Out of That Pickle

You might remember the last trailer for The Last of Us, when angry guy and little girl were waylaid by a clearly evil post apocalyptic road block. And you thought, “Well, jesus, I hope I don’t have to wait until the game comes out to find out what happens.” You don’t. Like a Lost season premier this trailer seems to be starting off on a new tangent, and ignoring the previous cliffhanger, but it eventually wraps back to where we were left hanging last time. Everything turns out okay.

Mostly okay. Their car is ruined, so they have to go on foot. And thanks to that, angry guy gets punched And hit with a pipe. And punched. And kicked. And punched. And punched. And lit on fire. And punched. This little girl better be worth all this. Is she going to fix the apocalypse? Probably not. Probably just one of those “protect this little girl to redeem my soul” situations. That “I’ve been on both sides” line is (in addition to being totally badass, because it is so badass) very telling. I’m betting there’s a 65-70% chance this dude sacrifices himself to save the girl by the end of the game. It’s gonna be so sad.

The Last of Us Trailer – Post Apocalyptic-y

I don’t trust any roadblock post apocalypse. I understand that in the end days a lot of people probably tried to get from one place to another, and their cars ended up getting stuck somewhere. But I still don’t think I’d ever see one without assuming it was a trap. It’s never not a trap. Even when it’s a block that happened naturally, it’s being used as some sort of trap.

Case in point, this trailer. Totally a trap. Fortunately our gruff hero seems equally genre savvy. Unfortunately, despite the fact that he clearly knows it’s a trap, he still drives right into it. Wherever he’s going must be really important. And really time sensitive. Why wouldn’t you just turn around and try driving somewhere that wasn’t really obviously a trap? Stupid.