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Star Wars Old Republic Expansion Has More Space Battles

I think this is what everyone really wanted when they heard there were space battles in The Old Republic. If they say dogfights, you should probably be moving on your own rather than on rails. This will definitely boost some subscribers, but you really got to wait until January, won’t be out until then. And then you’ll probably only get 3 per day. Their pricing structure is weird.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Gets Space-ier

The space combat in The Old Republic isn’t great. Like many parts of the game it feels like part of a single player game that was uncomfortably forced into a multiplayer title. It’s just an on rails shooter that you do all on your own once a day for some free experience. It’s unclear why it’s even in the game, outside of it’s Star Wars, and not having space combat would be pretty much giving up.

Fortunately, they’re fixing it, maybe? This trailer seems to be very excited about the space combat, despite most of the footage of said combat looking pretty much exactly like the old stuff. Still, they claim it’ll be, you know, better. Less on rails, more dogfighting, and actual multiplayer, with up to twelve on twelve fights. That’s certainly better. Just any multiplayer in the space combat is better. So, move in the right direction, I guess. Too bad it had to happen even after I, a man who can tell you the name and backstory of pretty much any person on the screen at any given time in a Star Wars movie, have given up on the game. Still, someone’s probably gonna enjoy it.

Hutts is Jerks

Rise of the Hutt cartel launches this week, adding some new content and stuff to The Old Republic.  Unfortunately most of this content comes in the form of Hutts.  Asking you, someone who’s been fighting Jedi and Sith for probably hundreds of hours, to conceive of the big fat gangster species as a legitimate threat.  “Oh no!  If the Hutts get the MacGuffin element they’ll be able to threaten the Republic!”  Frankly, if your Galaxy Spanning government can be threatened by a bunch of gangsters that can barely move around without hovery platforms, maybe it deserves to fall.  It’s clearly not that helpful.

The Old Republic is Free Now, But You Probably Don’t Want to Play It

The Old Republic’s free to play option started yesterday, but you probably don’t want to do that. While the game is technically “Free” almost everything in the game, from features that make it playable like having more than one UI bar, to the more mundane, like being able to turn your helmet off in cutscenes, are all locked behind a fee. Unfortunate. There’s a lot more whining than I think the game really deserves, because goddamn it, they’re giving you a free game, stop bitching. But, the trade off is, bitching or no, when you pop in a game that asks you to pay for the “feature” of having all your abilities on the screen after claiming it’s “Free” you’re probably not going to play anymore. Even if you don’t immediately go on a message board and bitch for an hour about it.

Admittedly it’s a tough line. Where do you start charging to make the “Free to Play” game profitable? I don’t know. But I think it’s a bit further along than “You have to pay if you want to get the same number of experience points from this monster that a paying character would.” That’s rough. Maybe introduce some more hats? People love hats.

Oh, also, HK-51 is available now. I’m sure that’s something you have to pay for too, Free to Pay Players, so don’t worry about it. I might hop back in to check out that guy, though. Cause I’m still paying. It’s Star Wars! “Oh, it’s just a WoW-clone!” They’re all WoW clones! You will never be able to explain to me in a million years how this game is a WoW clone, and Guild Wars 2 isn’t. You won’t. At least this one has a story and characters I care about. Plus, Star Wars.

From Destructoid

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Free to Play Starts on November 15

Are you ready for Hats? Are you ready for Star Wars to be just covered in Hats? I hope so, because the Star Wars: The Old Republic free to play is starting in a week, and you know what that means. Hats.

Okay, no, it’s actually a very complicated system where involving credits and cartel coins and features made available to certain folks but not others and if you played the game before the free to play was announced you get extra features that normal free to play people won’t get even if you choose to go the free to play route yourself, but you can also get into that status by buying a certain number of points of stuff as a free to play player, but you’ll also be able to just pay a monthly fee like you have been, and if you actually choose to pay for the game you’ll get that status AND a month of free play at the monthly fee level just like normal. It’s all very complicated, and I don’t care because I’ll still just be paying the regular fee, but if you want more detail, Joystiq’s got it.

But we all know that sooner or later it’s all being financed by hats. Or helmets. Or some sort of giant gloves. Or a lightsaber that glows like a rainbow. These things always end up making the most money because they cost nothing, and yet people are entirely willing to pay real money for them. Weird.

Win This Custom Razer Blade

Razer Blade is that crazy awesome gaming laptop that no rational human being would actually purchase, with it’s ridiculous price tag. Add the extra cost that’s incurred when they slap the Star Wars: The Old Republic logo on something, like this two hundred and fifty dollar KEYBOARD and we have to figure that this Old Republic themed Razer Blade may be the most valuable thing on the planet. The sort of thing that James Bond spends an entire movie hunting down after the person carrying it in a briefcase handcuffed to their wrist is murdered. So, fortunately, they’re not asking you to pay for it. Instead, you can sign up here to try to win the thing. There’s only one, so good luck there. And by “good luck” I actually mean very very bad luck, because I want to win the thing. Screw you, you don’t need a ridiculously powerful and customized laptop. That’s something I need.

Now I Can Finally Play The Old Republic

The poor saps over at Bioware have switched the last subscription based MMO over to a freemium format. Which means it’s basically free for me to play… as soon as I buy a physical copy. I’m getting a little excited, until I realized I’d have to make time to play a very involved, pretty long game, even if I only solo. No date yet on the switchover, just some time this fall, coinciding with a drop in retail price.

You can read more about the switch on The Old Republic’s press release.

Damn It, The Old Republic, Those Are Precisely the Levels We Don’t Need More Players At

Here’s our new The Old Republic content.  And it’s not terrible.  New HK droid companion is very exciting.  We love HK droids.  New space mission is awesome.  I’ve played all six(?) variations more times than I can count, anything new is better.  New warzone and Operation?  Well, sure, if I could find other people to play with.

New planet I’ve never heard of? That’s less cool.  Now, to be fair, if you have a favorite planet, it’s probably in this game.  Most of the big ones, from the movies or the EU are in there.  And the one’s that aren’t make sense.  No Cloud City makes Bespine pointless.  The first moon of Endor is just Ewoks and that monster thing from the Ewok movies.  Yavin IV was actually fairly interesting recently, but I’m fairly sure Exar Kun already died.  Now it’s just a bunch of empty temples.  That bring said, there are hundreds, if not thousands of already established planets to explore in the Star Wars Universe. Making up your own is dumb.  We let you have Voss, now give us planets we know.  Hell, we’ll meet you halfway.  You could add Selkath.  That’s your planet, but it’s at least established in the Star Wars Universe.

Other less exciting news, news so unexciting that they didn’t even bother putting it in this trailer, if the new race.  Cathar.  Cathar? Fucking Cathar?  No one cares.  Wookie, Mon Calmari, Quarren, Togruta, Nautolan, Kel Dor, Shistavanen and Devaronian. That’s eight species, from both the original and prequel trilogies that I just thought of off the top of my head, and they’re all more interesting than effing Cathar.

Finally, the big news is that the game is going “Free to Play” until level 15.  I’m sure it’ll work a lot like the WoW “Free to Play” in that it will probably cap out some of the skills as well as the level.  It’s not really free to play as we recognize it. More of a really extended trial.  Which is a nice idea, but we don’t really need more people at those levels.  The first two worlds for each side have plenty of people.  Not as many as when the game launched, obviously, but enough that finding a party is not really an issue.  The real problem is level thirty two.  You’re on a planet with eight damn people.  The chances of three of them being the level needed, having already reached the correct point to activate that quest, and being the correct classes to work with you are pretty damn low.  And that’s on the “busiest” server there is.

Well, hopefully this new trial thing will get a bunch of new players playing.  If not, we’ll just have to wait for the server migration option to come up, and then we all agree to move to the same server.  That’s not an optimal solution.

These Star Wars: The Old Republic Updates Are Cool, But Probably Too Late

A dungeon finder.  Finally.  We’ve between asking for this for months, but they’ve been saying some bullshit about how a dungeon/group finder would “really take away from the exploration of the level up game”.  What the hell does that mean?  I want to run through your heroic quest, and I need to find three other people to do it.  It’s that simple.  Even when the game was packed, it was an annoying proposition, trying to find a party with the character types you needed.  Now that the game is less popular it’s basically impossible.  I’m currently on the busiest server they had to choose from when u created my character.  And most nights there are somewhere between ten and fifteen players on the whole planet.  Good luck finding three other people who are also at the correct point to play that quest and are the three other classes you need.  Impossible.  Problem with the group finder is that it’s still not going to bounce from server to server.  So you’re still stuck with those fifteen people.  Just now it’s automated, instead of having to constantly spam the chat with “DPS LFG heroics!!!”.  Improvement.  It would be better if we could team up cross sever, at least for instances.  But they believe it would hurt the “social aspect”.  Apparently under the mistaken belief that there’s a social bit of this game.  There isn’t.  You run your instance, or heroic mission together, then the party splits and everyone goes into their own thing.  If you’re lucky, you might get a party that runs a few heroics in a row.  Nothing about the way the game is designed encourages staying in a party.  In fact, most of the story segments specifically prohibit other players from entering.  Either this game needs a major overhaul to the basic concept, or they need to drastically improve your ability to build a party quickly.  This is a start, but it’s not what we really want.

The other bonus is the ability to move your character.  That’s cool.  You find out one of your friends also has a level thirty character, but he’s on another sever.  That’s terribly disappointing.  “Well, who wants to roll a new character and grind for two weeks so we can play together?  Neither of us?  That’s a surprise.  Well, have fun playing with… No one.”  This is better.

The thing they really need is to smoosh the severs together.  Having no other players around is nice when you’re grinding, our killing monsters for a quest, so you know no one else is going to yank your kills.  But I’m paying a monthly fee to play a massively multiplayer game.  I’d like a few other players around, if for nothing else than running the heroics and instances that I mentioned before.

Oh, and they can keep taking about how they’re not going to go free to play.  But the game is clearly failing, so it’s going free to play sooner than later.  My personal request is that we allow people like me, who are still willing to pay the monthly fee, to keep doing that.  Free to play seems like a cool idea. A game that I don’t have to pay for?  Awesome! But it’s always terrible.  I am happy to pay fifteen dollars a month for the game if it means I don’t have to pay two dollars for every little upgrade or improvement that I come across.  It’ll almost certainly cost me more in the long run, but not feeling like I’m playing some sort of panhandler simulation will make the extra cost worth it.

Star Wars The Old Republic Trial Weekend

In what is probably a sense that Star Wars gaming figures dropped when Mass Effect 3 came out, EA and Bioware have decided to compete with themselves and offer a free weekend of Star Wars the Old Republic.

You can play any class, but are limited to the origin worlds and your faction’s homeworld. However, you have unlimited play time from Thursday/Friday at midnight until 2 AM on Monday to play all of the limitations handed to you.

Enjoy staying at home this weekend.