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Amnesia Developers Make Interesting Concept Game Trailer

You have to watch the whole thing to get the effect they are after, so make sure you do that. Amnesia has a huge following for it’s creepiness. Now lets add technology to that. That’s what appears is going on here. So I’m so startled right now.

I Have to Confess That I Think I Want a 2DS

I was teetering on it, because I want a cheap portable system capable of playing 3DS games, 2DS might be my answer thanks to these guys unboxing one. It is just cheap enough to turn in my DSi and upgrade to the new generations and still afford Animal Crossing. I’m sure everyone is going to call me a 6-year-old, but I like saving money.

Pokemon Nightmares Will Give Me Nightmares

Slightly NSFW, it might not be safe to watch at all. It scared me a little inside. I mean, I had trouble sleeping last night as it is. It might not scare you as much as it scared me, but Pokemon is easily becoming the scariest thing you can convert to being creepy. It’s so scary and creepy. I’m shuddering.

Screaming Creepers Makes Me Laugh Inappropriately

This is more entertaining than it has any right to be. I am also confused why TNT and Creepers would share the same sound file at different pitches. It scares me, but not enough.

Minecraft Users Waste Time on Glorious Beetlejuice Roller Coaster

I tried to comprehend the actual time to make this, then my head exploded. Then I tried to figure out if yhere is enough room to make all of this in one playspace, then my head exploded again. Beetlejuice lives on in this miraculous display of obstinate work ethic. We praise you oh masterful minecrafters.


Crazy Game Has You Catching Snakes

I’m not sure who wanted this game. I can’t believe someone made this game. Even more frightening is that this game is free. And whatever way this free game makes money goes to a charity that helps with venom in some way. Luckily, it’s only the iPad. But in this game you have to literally touch digital snakes, it’s getting too close for comfort. Bleh.

3D Version of Lion King Gives Me Nightmares

This is the kind of thing that wakes you up at night, screaming with your jaw and neck everly expanding in one direction. And with that, we now know Lion King in 3D is not going to be enjoyed as much as this monstrosity.

Love and Revolted By Mega Man Pun

This pun is so bad that I love it. You know that part on a spectrum where it goes all the way around to the other side? That’s where I am at with this. I mean, it could be so great that it’s awful, or so awful it’s great. It’s hard to tell, as with most Mega Man things.

Big Bang Theory Flash Mobs Captive Audience

I’m not a particular fan of flash mobs. Or Big Bang Theory. And the audience was already there to see them do stuff, was a flash mob really necessary? And I don’t get the bazinga thing, or why the audience loved it so much. Wait, why did I post this?

Jurassic Park 4 Would Have Been Terrifying If It Was Made

Holy crap! What the hell is going on here? That’s a dinosaur with human eyes. They are the right shape and in the right position. But since we are looking at a sculpture here, it is even more scary than what would ordinarily be some sort of computer animation. I’m a little glad that Jurassic Park 4 isn’t getting made because I’m sure it would give me nightmares. There’s a couple more terrifying concept drawings after the jump, but be warned, they kinda look like the half-human alien from Alien Resurrection.


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