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Further Proof that Lightsabers Make Everything Better

I think the rest of my posts today are going to be game trailer related, so I’d thought I’d give you something else first: Lightsabers! Les Mis! Both together at last. Not that either need help making each other awesome, but both together is great. It’s like the first guy that made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the first time. People knew they were great on their own, but BAM! Better sandwich. I guesss what I’m trying to say is that Lightsaber Les Miserables is like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

More Rails Action in Minecraft Brings Nightmare Before Christmas

So yeah, there’s Nightmare Before Christmas art stuff in Minecraft. That alone won’t be that impressive. However, the use of perspective and pattern in some of these rails is really startlingly amazing. Like, one made me dizzy. It’s that good. Watch now you lazy good-for-nothings!

Smash Mods Make Captain Falcon Awesome and Not Awesome

These are 30 different mods of Super Smash Bros Brawl where the animatic of Captain Falcon’s super is changed. Some of them are cool crossovers, others are just hilarious. I especially love the one where he’s carrying the Blue Falcon and the one where it’s just head and arms. Just as interesting is how broken and cheating the AI seems to be. That is some amazing teamwork going on here.

Perpetuating the Steam Rumor About Sharing Games

steam-logoI like Steam. Don’t know anyone who uses Steam that doesn’t like it. So that’s why I am excited to learn about a possible sharing program that will allow me to play my friends games. That will save me a lot of money, as long as its not a new game, because that seems like the best way for me to play Skyrim, since I haven’t bought it yet. Isn’t that right, all my Steam friends that own Skyrim?

Because this is a rumor, I am not posting a source. Because, why? It’s a rumor.

Leviathan Warships Trailer Better With Jazzy Narration

I’ve already posted a trailer for Leviathan: Warships, at it was good. But I think this one is much better. Mostly the jazzy music and narration, but also because it has more boat puns and humor. You can always get me with a good boat pun.

Surgeon Simulator Gets An Upgrade

If you haven’t seen Surgeon Simulator in action, you should click that link right now and see why people love and hate it. Tomorrow, a new version is coming out for Steam and it’s bigger and better and now you can do brain surgery. Why isn’t it tomorrow!?!

New Trailer for Axe Cop Makes Me Happy

They showed this trailer at Wondercon, and now it’s online for everyone to see. I hope everyone appreciates this, because it’s going to show up on the internet a lot until it premieres…on Fox… well you can’t win everything.

Saint’s Row IV Trailer Might Be Best Ever

I don’t think I’ve ever felt this brotastic before. This is everything anyone who the enjoyed Saint’s Row series could ever want. I must know why that cop’s head is so large. There’s lots of things to digest here, but I think I’m just going to let that settle in. Yes. Wash over me Saint’s Row IV trailer!

Christian Bale Calling Sick Kid Caught on Film

Christian Bale is making up a lot of ground of goodwill towards people. First he talks with the Colorado victims, and now he randomly calls terminally ill children and talks Batman with them. Christian Bale is definitely on his way to becoming a good Samaritan, just don’t walk in front of his light.

Love and Revolted By Mega Man Pun

This pun is so bad that I love it. You know that part on a spectrum where it goes all the way around to the other side? That’s where I am at with this. I mean, it could be so great that it’s awful, or so awful it’s great. It’s hard to tell, as with most Mega Man things.