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Rambo Trailer – The Video Game No One Asked For

So they are going to do the same thing that 007 Legends did and recreate the famous Rambo movies into one game. Not necessary. It looks terrible and awesomely terrible. I don’t think that this will sell well and it definitely won’t rate well. We probably saw all the best gruesome knife kills in the trailer already. Lets do Cliffhanger while we’re at it.

Gamer Goes Too Far Playing Game

I hate obnoxious people. It’s main reason I don’t play anything online. This guy takes it to the extreme, and not in a good way. You can stop playing every once in a while. Though props on using Hawken. Good choice.

jOBS Trailer – Still Don’t Like Ashton Kutcher

I don’t care how much in real life Ashton is like Steve Jobs, I just don’t like him or his face. Lets also throw out that this movie feels like a rehash of The Social Network. Lots of things working against it. Except that they got J.K. Simmons. That guy is awesome. Enough to save this movie? Probably not.

GLaDOS Supercut Prevents You From Buying Poker Night 2

If you really like playing free poker with no stakes, and don’t care about the collectibles, this video will ruin at least half the reason to buy this game: funny quips from GLaDOS. Somebody went ahead and compiled the best ones for you in this video and ruined any expectations you may have. I didn’t watch it because I may play it yet. Do you have the same self-restraint that I do?

There Is A Light Gun With a Heart Rate Sensor

Didn’t know this existed, but apparently there is a gun for video games that can sense your heart rate, and the game it comes with may or may not allow you to shoot if your heart rate is too high. I can see how this would be neat for a sniping game, but they are using it for hunting, which I guess is better. Well, see some internet people try to play it. It doesn’t look more fun.

Hey SimCity is Having A Short Closed Beta Period

This video showed up online that basically speeds through the tutorial portion of the new SimCity game. Does anyone else see random black boxes appearing as well as several seconds of just black? Hope it’s not just me. Anyway. Sign up for the closed Beta, if you want. I did. I want to play the crap out of that one-hour trial. Wait, it’s only an hour? Crap.

Angus T Jones and the Two and Half Men Christian Drama

IGN does a good job of rounding up all the information without any spin or accidental spin. Angus plays the son in Two and Half Men and has done so for about a decade. Now he goes on this webseries to promote his own religious side and by whatever fate ends up totally bad-mouthing Two and Half Men, even to the point of urging people not to watch it. Which is dumb, because that’s his job, unless he really wants to get out of his job, which would be the first anyone in the public has heard of this. I’ve heard time and again that he’s the reason a lot of people watch the show. This would kill it. On the bright side, finally some Two and Half Men news that didn’t involve Charlie Sheen. Oh, wait, he commented on the incident citing some sort of curse. Dammit Sheen, stay out of this.

Hostess Shutting Down and Getting Rid of My Favorite Fat Snacks

Troubling news to hear that Hostess is going to be shutting its doors. So troubling in fact, because I ate Cupcakes and Zingers last night and I’m not sure if I’ll have to eat 7-Eleven’s version of them (they aren’t as good, maybe even bad). Several news outlets that I’m not quoting (mostly because Facebook told me first) are saying that Hostess is going to file bankruptcy and then sell off its assets. Not sure what happened here, did people suddenly stop eating Wonderbread and Twinkies? Maybe that health food shtick is kicking in. Maybe they have more competitors. Well, just like the Eggo shortage I’m going to go buy some extra stockpile of sugary treats for later.

Ingress Trailer – Alternate Reality Game Invite Only

I wanted to play Ingress before playing it, because it’s free and I could download it. Then I figured out it was invite only at this point. Good way to keep server stress down. But why launch and announce a game that you can’t play. I believe they are doing the marketing strategy of Facebook and that South Park episode where Cartman buys a theme park. You can’t have it so now you want it. It looks fun, but I want to see how much I have to drive around town to play. I’m busy, and I want to know if I have time for an ARG. It’s made by Google, so I expect quality from you! QUALITY! Anyway stay tuned for a review in case I get an invite.

Everyone Should Hate Unboxing Videos As Much As This Guy

I’m not saying unboxing videos don’t have their purpose, but when they are as crappy-looking as this one, there are just too many to withstand the onslaught of mediocrity. If you are the first one to do it, you win, you should get all the views because whoever follows you is going to be doing the exact same thing: opening the box, showing you its contents, and telling you about it. So, kudos for this guy for pulling this off.