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Computer Chess Trailer – A Movie About Computer Chess

The computer chess market of the 70s (?) was as niche as it is today. As popular as chess was, we needed to constantly test against computers. I think they were doing that until the early 2000s. It’s been hitting film festivals and been getting a lot of praise. I like the concept here and I hope I’m able to remind myself to look for it when it makes it to places I can watch it. My dad’s into chess too, maybe I’ll watch with him.

Star Wars Old Republic Expansion Has More Space Battles

I think this is what everyone really wanted when they heard there were space battles in The Old Republic. If they say dogfights, you should probably be moving on your own rather than on rails. This will definitely boost some subscribers, but you really got to wait until January, won’t be out until then. And then you’ll probably only get 3 per day. Their pricing structure is weird.

Everyone Should See Tom Hanks the Movie

It’s amazing how all those movies fit together so well. It’s actually pretty seamless except for his inexplicable weight gain between Apollo 13 and Castaway. That’s probably because he got diabetes. Anyway, watch the Tom Hanks movie supercut and celebrate the career of Tom Hanks. TOM HANKS!

Darcula 3D NSFW Trailer – I Feel Bad for Rutger Hauer

You’d think that getting a Red Band trailer would make this movie a tiny bit more interesting. No, unless you get off on a guy filming his daughter being naked and seducing another actor. And that’s weird. Almost as weird as giant CG praying mantis which MAKES NO SENSE! I was unaware of Dracula’s ability to change into any animal he damn well pleases. Rutger Hauer has been present in many famous 80s fantasy movies, but he seems to have fallen on hard times, or is really good friends with Dario Argento. Anyway, now you know there are naked scenes you can find on the internet so you can avoid whatever rehashed plot is left here.

Defect SDK Trailer – Simple Spaceship Building

It’s hard finding a ship-building game that allows some freedom and still has good gameplay. I think Defect SDK might have almost found it with adding some roguelike gameplay where you have to continually rebuild your ship for combat. The top-down action is meh, but at least they were able to make a Defiant copy, so the building looks pretty freeform. Let’s how many people make genitalia.

Wii U Party Latest Minigame Hoedown from Nintendo

Yup, just a bunch of minigames to sell more remotes. Something that may or may not be cool, is forcing you to play a few games on the gamepad only. No need for giant TV. Just play on your coffee table. For whatever reason. I’m sure somebody will buy this. Not exactly sure who, though.

Amnesia Developers Make Interesting Concept Game Trailer

You have to watch the whole thing to get the effect they are after, so make sure you do that. Amnesia has a huge following for it’s creepiness. Now lets add technology to that. That’s what appears is going on here. So I’m so startled right now.

New Kirby Game Head For the 3DS

Kriby’s yarn game was a little different than the norm. Here’s a full return to Kirby with the new Donkey Kong Country feel. I’m really excited for some of the design choices here. However, Kirby looks a slow as a marshmallow rolling off an uneven table. Is he plodding so slowly so we can see the environments? It’s just a shame, because you juxtapose this to the new Super Mario trailer and this falls flat. It’s not even named yet. We’ll have to wait on this. And by wait, I mean I may not play it, of course.

I Was Wrong About Super Mario 3D World

I was previously completely uninterested in another Mario game. Until I saw this footage from Nintendo Direct today. Super Mario 3D World looks much more refreshing and innovative than other trailers had suggested. Cool new power-ups, ability to grab and use blocks as weapons, and three dimensional levels that are for more engaging than any side-scrolling Mario has. Because I want to see what the cherries do, I might be picking this up.

Nintendo should pay for this pure praise. This is only praise. I should say something mean… uh… uh… there’s no Sonic. Not that’s not genuine…

The Nut Job Trailer – Not Interested

The only saving grace I found from watching this trailer is that Liam Neeson is in it. Somewhere. I’m pretty sure I didn’t hear his voice. I’m also pretty sure that there’s something off on the animation. It looks weird, like almost cheap. It’s just not Pixar clean. It’s not even Dreamworks clean. I’m don’t what to make of it. Doesn’t help the story is bland and the jokes are flatter than even TV cartoons. Good luck with that, Will Arnett.