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War Thunder Really Emphasizes the Importance of Faces In Their Airplane Game

Why?  When have you ever thought “This airplane game is nice, but it would be so much better if I could spend the whole time starring at my pilot?”  Sure, your airplane is being shot to shreds around you, but that’s alright, because Wow, can you believe how nice these faces look?  It’s almost like they suddenly realized that an airplane game on the PS4 looks pretty much like an airplane game on PS3, and jammed some unnecessary “improvements” in there at the last minute, just to sell the next gen-iness.  “We can render faces so well!  Please ignore the fact that that’s pretty much a pointless feature in this game.”

The Friends List on Xbox One Is About As Exciting As You’d Expect

It’s a friends list.  It will collect all your friends’ GamerTags into one place where you can see what they’re doing.  Super exciting.  The only new info is that you can follow people who might not be in following you.  Hooray.  Definitely worth all the excitement that Major Nelson is exuding for this.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX Trailer – Yeah, You’re Gonna Need a 3DS

Because, duh, Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX is happening, collecting another bunch of Kingdom Hearts games into one place for your convenience. Unfortunately, they’ve made some odd decisions about what games are included.

Kingdom Hearts 2, obviously. It’s called Kingdom Hearts 2.5, they can’t skip the 2. And it’s obviously the most important. No one wants to play a game with 3 on the end without first playing number 2. Then, Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Also great. The PSP is kinda terrible for long time gaming, and Squeenix for Adobe reason didn’t make the game available digitally, so you couldn’t play the game on PSVita. Finally it’s available on a system that won’t give you a headache trying to play. But then, the final bit it’s the video portions of Kingdom Hearts: Re:coded? Okay, what? Re:coded is kind of terrible, and doesn’t really matter, because it almost all takes place in a computer simulation (but not, like, a computer simulation you care about, like Tron). But Dream Drop Distance is important. It says stuff. It builds up to the third game. And while I can appreciate the difficulty in adapting it for a system that isn’t a DS, the fact that they’re okay with just giving us the video sequences to two other games in the series leaves an obvious solution to this issue. Guess they’re just still hoping to sell that game. Better pick up a 3DS if you want to be completely prepared for Kingdom Hearts 3. Sorry.

Arkham Origins Gives Up On a New Joker, Just Says “Eh, Do the Mark Hamill Voice Again”

It’s an awkward situation. Basically no animated Joker is going to be “The Joker” unless he’s voiced by Mark Hamill. Doesn’t matter how awesome the performance is, it’s always going to be “Not Mark Hamill.” Those are some difficult shoes to fill. Then, you have to add in the fact that this is the third game in a series that already had Mark Hamill voice the character twice.

So, the solution when casting Troy Baker in the role? Screw it, just do the exact same voice. Like, dead on, don’t change an thing. Just do an impersonation of Mark Hamill voicing The Joker. Avoid the temptation to add your own spin to the character, just give us the same voice we’ve had for the last two decades. So that’s what we’re getting. Here he is performing a monologue from The Killing Joke in the totally just Mark Hamill voice, which I’m sure is super exciting for folks that don’t kind of hate The Killing Joke.

Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Is Pretty Much The Most Exciting Zelda In a Decade

I don’t want to be the “Older is better” guy.  I like new things.  But since Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask (which are, admittedly, just the best) I’ve not been feeling it with the Zeldas.  Wind Waker is beautiful, but that’s about it.  Twilight Princess is just… sometimes you’re a dog.  And that last one… I can’t even remember what it’s called.  It wasn’t great.  Stupid motion controls.  Ruining everything.

But this.  Old school Zelda.  Nearly the oldest school Zelda.  Link to the Past is probably the most beloved of the Zeldas.  And it’s back, and it’s so much that game.  Everything we love about Link to the Past is recreated and it’s just wonderful to see.  Just watching this video fills me with happy.  I just wish it wasn’t so far away.  Well, whatever, got Pokemon to kill the time until then.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s Director’s Cut is Meeting You Halfway

So, you saw that trailer for the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Director’s Cut, and thought that you’d really like that.  But, unfortunately, you made the mistake of buying the game when it was first released, because that’s how buying things works, right?  And now you’re being punished, with the enhanced version being kept from you unless you’re willing to buy the game a second time?  Lame.

Except maybe not.  If you own the game on PC, they’re gonna work with you.  For only ten bucks you can upgrade the basic game up to the director’s cut version, providing the DLC, commentary and updated boss fights.  Sweet deal.  Even better, if you already purchased the DLC, they’re going to knock that down to five bucks.  That’s a sweet deal.  We’re slowly but surely moving towards a future where digital updates can improve our experience, instead of just being grumpy about them.  Hooray!

From Squeenix

Zen Studios Advertises Their Darth Vader Table With the Absolute Worst Darth Vader Moment

Wow.  I can’t even begin to explain this one.  Even people who enjoy Revenge of the Sith (which… how?) agree that Darth Vader’s ridiculous “Noooooooo!” at the end of that movie was an enormous embarrassment for everyone involved.  So why exactly did Zen Studios choose that scene to spend, like, a third of their trailer for a Darth Vader table on?  He could have been force choking Admiral Motti.  He could have been sensing a presence  he hadn’t felt since…  He could be just looking at the Death Star and being sad.  Anything is better than “Nooooo!”

The hell?

Call of Duty: Ghosts Explains It’s Clans Features By Saying “Clans” a Lot

Will Call of Duty: Ghosts have Clans? Oh, it’s gonna have so much Clans! There will be cross platform Clans. Clans will fight other Clans. Being in a Clan will give you special Clans experience and bonuses. There’s so much Clans that they can’t even be contained by the game, as your Clans will spill over into your cell phone or tablet device. Clans! Has the word stopped having any sort of meaning yet? Because we can’t keep talking about Clans if it hasn’t. What else do Clans do? Oh, you’re going to be able to get in special Clans meta games, where your Clans compete with over Clans for control of map points by winning matches. And there’s also… actually, that might be all the Clans info. Still, that’s plenty of Clans information, isn’t it?


Apparently Dragon Commanders Can Be Kinda Jerks

Dragon Commander had a whole mess of political decisions that needed to be made, because apparently this is a world where “Ability to Stab a Dragon in the Face” is the most important factor in your ability to rule.  Obviously.  So the developers have collected those decisions into this handy video that gives you an idea of what you’re Dragon Commanders are choosing.  Turns out Dragon Commanders Can be kind of jerks.  What’s wrong with unions, guys?  Unions are alright.

Grand Theft Auto Cops Are So Rude

Don’t you hate when you are trying to have mildly heated discussion on friendship and loyalty and comes in and try to shoot you to death? You try to ignore them and hope they go away, but the just keep firing wildly at your bodies. Blood starts staining your shirts but you have to finish this conversation before you deal with the cops. I mean, your friend was here first. It’s the polite thing to do, unlike these policemen. Guess you’ll have to finish this conversation and then deal with the rude intruders.