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Happy Hour Game Time – Euro Truck Simulator

When you were thinking of Euro Truck Simulator, did you think it would be boring? Well by yourself that’s true. Let’s have two people go at it. The game itself is boring, but it’s more about the journey, isn’t it? So let’s go on a journey with Happy Hour.

Star Trek Into Darkness Has A Few Plot Holes

The latest Star Trek movie had some pretty crazy things for I believe craziness’ sake. Super long range teleporters, super long range torpedos, super blood, and a strong insistence that it’s not Wrath of Khan. How It Should Have Ended talks about how some of those things probably affected the Universe. While many Into Darkness haters will agree with this video, let me remind you that original Spock invented time travel on several occasions. That seems just as dangerous than super blood.

Happy Hour Game Time – FIFA 2010 World Cup

For some white people, they play a little soccer as a kid, maybe a few times during physical education, and that’s it. For other white people and pretty much everyone else who isn’t American, soccer or futball is a persistent thing in their lives. See which one is which in this playthrough of Happy Hour Game Time.

Happy Hour Game Time – Surgeon Simulator 2013 Again

Happy Hour Game Time does Surgeon Simulator again, but this time with the new updated version on Steam. It updates it nicely and makes it even harder. I miss it when the rib cage flies off when you hit it with a hammer. The banter is even sillier this time around. But I am also confused how you do the kidney transplant. Shouldn’t you go in from the back?

Happy Hour Game Time – Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale

Many will agree that Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is not as good as Smash Bros. I believe half of Happy Hour will agree. What is most awesome is playing as the same character and letting the mayhem ensue. So much mayhem. Not nearly as sensical or engaging as the most game of Smash Bros game you’ve played, but still enough.

I Never Liked Daredevil and This is Why

I did not have a good memory of watching Daredevil in the theater. I’m not sure if it was an inexperienced Ben Affleck, a wildly miscast Colin Farrell, or a complete lack of sense and logic. The people at CinemaSins decided to log it in digital foreverness. As forever as YouTube is anyway. Oddly enough, the Kevin Smith cameo didn’t make the list. He probably should have been added.

Happy Hour Game Time – Double Dragon Neon

I remember Double Dragon fondly. So do most of us. Then Double Dragon Neon comes along. It looks like a similar game with improved graphics, but there’s something missing. Let’s add some color commentary, that’ll fix it. Thanks, Happy Hour.

Super Sonic Acrobatic Rocket Powered Battle Cars Best Soccer Game Ever

This game is the most fun I’ve ever had playing a soccer game. Mostly because I’m using a car and the cars can blow up, and goals make your cars blow up and you blow up after each game. It’s a lot of frenetic fun, and its the best non-sports sports game since Base Wars (robots playing baseball).

Blanka Troll Creators Make Chun Li is Jealous

I absolutely love the Blanka is a Troll webseries, they are evolving greater than before. Now they have rolled out Chun Li is jealous, where she beats up other women. This one is especially cool because you don’t always see how they would have fallen without Chun Li here. Some good editing. The last one is easily the best. Enjoy a jealous Chun Li.

Did You Know A Dog Football Game Exists?

This only looks like a terrible game because it is called Dog Football. There are more negatives to it, though. Looks incredibly easy, probably short game enjoyment length, and they are trying to reinvent a real sport. On the plus side, the puns are amazingly bad in good ways, some of the customization looks legitimately fun, and it’s endorsed by Jerry Rice and his dog. No other video game can claim that sort of notoriety. Not even Paul Giamatti and his goldfish.