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Wii U Party Latest Minigame Hoedown from Nintendo

Yup, just a bunch of minigames to sell more remotes. Something that may or may not be cool, is forcing you to play a few games on the gamepad only. No need for giant TV. Just play on your coffee table. For whatever reason. I’m sure somebody will buy this. Not exactly sure who, though.

Tengami is Japanese Pop Up Book Come to Life

Puzzle platformers is emerging as a bigger and bigger genre. Enter Tengami. I don’t know how puzzly it is, but it definitely looks pretty and its definitely puzzles. It’s like a mix of side-scrolling Myst and Okami (just the thematic elements, and not even all of them). It’s supposed to get Wii U support, so that could be an interesting artistic touch screen interaction that the Wii U is missing.

Wonderful 101 Introduces the Wonderful… Less Than 101

Listen, this is a long ass trailer. But it’s still no where near long enough to introduce a hundred and one separate characters. So we’re going to introduce the most notable and/or racist characters (the black lady break dances and is called “Wonder Black”. It’s Power Rangers level of sensitivity up in here) in the group. There’s a lot of them, and they’re all pretty much full of stereotypical ridiculousness. The Russian guy is so Russian and the Japanese guy’s a ninja and it’s all insane with the giant sword and the giant ball of superheroes and they really seem to hate this Ferris Wheel for some reason! What is going on here?

Nintendo Direct Gets You Excited About All Sorts of Things

We already posted about the exciting yet prolonged release of Professor Layton x Ace Attorney, but Nintendo showcased a lot of games in today’s Nintendo Direct. The new Sonic, Rayman, Mario (Luigi), and Zelda games. Also, Nintendo keeps almost getting me to buy a 3DS just for Animal Crossing buy mitigating the problem of knowing very few people that carry around their 3DS with them. Oh, to be in a place with mass transit…

I Missed This Kickass Earthbound Trailer

For the dozens of gamers out there that aren’t aware of Earthbound, here’s a trailer for Earthbound. Guess they need to let the 34 of you know that also own a Wii U that Earthbound is now purchasable for Virtual Console. You know, in case you haven’t played a 20-year-old game yet. If you are under 20, how’s Call of Duty?

Wonderful 101 Heroic Opening Cinematic

This video actually gets me a little excited for Wonderful 101. Biggest reason is I need more Wii U games. At first glance it seemed like a Pikmin clone, but it might be an awesome Pikmin clone if you are collecting other super heroes and not just random people. Here’s hoping.

Completely Absurd and Inaccurate History of Wii U

I get the joke, but despite the title nothing that’s said is true. You get that when you watch it. Sometimes, you do wish these things were real but a lot of it is biting sarcasm. This one goes out to all of the Wii u haters.

Spin The Bottle Explained With New Video

That weird Wii U game that go announced a while back had a demo booth at E3. It looks less creepy, but it definitely ruined the allure of the game. I wanted it to be even creepier. Also, why would you crush an orange with your face? I can’t see this being played more than once, unless you are in an open-swinging relationship with multiple couples.

No Cross Platform Smash Brothers

It’s sad. Despite the fact that the game is being released for both Wii U and 3DS, and cross platform play’s been such a big push this generation, with your Monster Hunters and the like, your WiiU and 3DS Smash Brothers will not be playing together. Apparently they connect… somehow. You’ll be able to trade characters or something. But you won’t be able to play your character on your 3DS while everyone else plays on the Wii U. Which is doubly sad. First because how cool would that be? Get your own screen and what not. But also because that means that’s one more Wii U Pro controller you’ll have to buy. You have considered that, right? No more GameCube controller. And you’re sure not going to want to play with a dumb old Wiimote and Nunchuck. So that’s two hundred dollars worth of Pro controllers you’re going to have to pick up. I suggest ordering from Amazon now, where it’s only forty bucks. I’m betting that price goes up the closer we get to Smash Brothers.

Wii U Getting Game With Giant Robots Fighting

Nintendo Direct this morning really squashed the glaring weakness of the Wii U: there aren’t enough games. This one was a surprise for me, though as far as I know, the title is X. If this is somehow related to Xenoblade or Xenogears I’d be shocked. It does have giant robots fighting, and you appear to be playing a giant robot pilot. At least Wii U is getting some extra support in games. It looks pretty, but I’ll hold judgment until I find out what combat is like. There is none in the trailer. Guess I’ll have to wait until 2014 or whatever.