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Lords of Waterdeep on Tabletop Is Glorious

It helps when you have Wil Wheaton and Felicia Day playing it, but this playthrough really makes me want the game. Great concept, cool gameplay, rich backstory. What more could you want from a game that’s based on Dungeons & Dragons. Lords of Waterdeep is definitely going on my wishlist. I hope Amazon gets it for me for Annual Winter Gift-Giving Holiday.

Forbidden Island Is Another Difficult Co-op Board Game

Normally, these things are funny. But they are playing such a difficult game that they are constantly trying not to lose. I don’t even think it’s possible to win. It seems insanely difficult. The Forbidden Island must be called that for a reason. Let’s try it!

Tabeltop Is Back And They Play Formula D

Yay! Wil Wheaton and Tabletop are back! His guests are only YouTube famous not regular famous, but they really rock the gaming table with their antics. Formula D looks like an OK game, looks even better with these guys playing. Wil Wheaton gets lost in the background on this one, but that’s fine, you can always see him on this show.

Last Night on Earth Looks Like Fun Game

You play a team of teens trying to escape the zombie hoard. What’s not to love about it? How about this video? Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day and Garfunkel & Oates all play it for you to see how much fun you could have. Guess you could play with a bunch of people and make a party out of it. But do you have Wil Wheaton able to come to your house? Probably not. Therefore, this will not be how your game will turn out.

Tabletop Plays Elder Sign to Defeat Evil

Elder Sign looks like a fun game, thanks to the people at Tabletop. And you get to see Felicia Day in it, if you are still in to her (I know most of you are). Best part of this is Bill Prady, not only for his playing skills but his deadpan delivery of hilarious commentary.

Say Anything on TableTop

Sure, Say Anything is just a merging of Loaded Questions and Balderdash, but that won’t make it any less fun. Now watch Wil Wheaton play it because he can do no wrong. Except perhaps leaving Star Trek. I don’t remember why he did that, but it was probably a bad move overall. He didn’t make the movies, not that was room for anyone besides Picard, Data and Worf. Yup, it could have just been the three of them and no one would have noticed.

Tabletop Fiasco – Not an Actual Fiasco

I like the concept of Fiasco, but I’d love to see it played. At the time of writing, I haven’t because I have to go to a rehearsal. So I will watch it later, perhaps the same time as you. Is near midnight Pacific time? Cause that’s when I’m watching it. Meet me there!

Late Tabletop Is Better Than No Tabletop at All

This was posted on Friday and everyone who is a fan of Wil Wheaton has probably already watched this, but I commend them for a very interesting and intriguing gameplay twist for Gloom. Unless it is part of the rules that you must tell stories for each card you play. However, I believe if they didn’t do this then the game would only last about 10 minutes. The storytelling is a nice distraction to strategy, though. Puns and alliteration also run rampant.

Munchkin on Tabletop

Get that Munchkin of the table! Oh, wait, it’s just Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day and friends playing Munchkin. It’s only awesome, that’s all.

Tabletop and Ticket to Ride

I’ve played Ticket to Ride once, I’m pretty sure I didn’t win. But more importantly, Wil Wheaton’s wife is hot. I never knew that.