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Banksy Takes Pot Shot at Something Related Disney

Here’s Banksy, the now famous underground artist. Pretty sure he is only famous because of a documentary. Watch, and try to figure out what he’s trying to say.

Bizarre King of the Hill Pokemon Mashup

I don’t know how someone came up with this. In no amount of time would I have combined King of the Hill with Pokemon and then come up with this. Some impeccable impersonations as well. I think they are impersonations. There’s some weird stuff if to grab from show audio. Either way is a lot of work.

If I Was Paying Attention I Should Have Spotted This Viral Marketing

Maybe because I don’t care about the movie it’s associated with. Maybe because it’s a really well done video. Maybe because I didn’t read the name of the user for the upload. But I really didn’t realize this was a viral ad until the actual ad showed up at the end. These people are really scared though. That’s how good this prank was. See if you can spot what this is advertising.

We Missed Out on A Great Breaking Bad Cartoon Concept

That is an impeccable Bryan Cranston impression. I’m sure the Aaron Paul one is good, too, but nailing Cranston is more important here. The best line here is “Go over to that Unicorn and see what’s in his briefcase. I’m using my imagination and really want the flying RV and everything they are saying. Hey, producers! Do this and do it unapologetically. No, nevermind, the kids won’t get it.

I Am Not Sure What Under the Skin Is About

All I can tell is Scarlett Johansson has developed a British accent. The rest I’m not sure about. I guess she’s an alien that eats people, but this trailer does not hint at that whatsoever. Or even why they cast Scarlett in a part meant for a British woman. Seems lazy, and she’s getting hella pushed over. She’s not that good of an actress.

Why Are There So Many Marios?

There’s so many Marios. Why are there so many Marios? The brochures said there’d only be a few Marios. This is a terrible vacation.

Aladdin Song Makes a Fancy Statement on DLC

I’m not sure what possessed someone to make this video, but I believe it’s a common sentiment amongst the internet users with loose trigger fingers on their keyboards. A clever little parody on a dated song from an old Disney movie that insults something only some people hate. Welcome to the Internet.

Escape from Tomorrow Trailer – I Am So Very Intrigued

Ok, you officially have my attention, Escape from Tomorrow. How did you manage to film inside Disneyland(world?) and create something so cool looking and not at all confiscated? Also, what the hell is actually happening in the movie? There are WTF’s flying everywhere in my head. And if Disneyland has not endorsed it, how is it still being released? Are they somehow okay with it being out there even though it wasn’t filmed with their permission? Should I do some research before I keep asking more questions? NO! I want the trailer to tell me. TELL ME, TRAILER!

Nintendo Launches Pikmin off a Boat

In a clear publicity stunt that’s not obvious to a lot of people, Nintendo dressed people as Pikmin and whatever the new astronaut’s name is and launched a “glider” that looks like the new flying Pikmin in the Red Bull thing where gliders crash. Obviously it crashed. And lost an eye. And everyone that watched now slightly know more about what a Pikmin is. Well, probably not. Good call on the blue Pikmin pushing it though. At least they can swim.

DayZ Litterally Scares People and Calls the Cops

If someone you are playing a game with screams so loudly and repeatedly about death scenarios that the cops are called, you’ve probably made a successful game. Or this woman can’t control the volume or intensity of her voice. Either way, you can see what lead up to her cool story in the video above. No don’t do this.